Will Ethereum outperform Bitcoin?


I think in the comming 3-4 moths Ethereum will outpreform bitcoin …
Ethereum’s dev team works really hard and their Github is the most active of the whole crypto space.
I think when they pull off the comming hardfork and updates Ethereum will overtake bitcoin.


I firmly believe its not a matter of whether or not ETH will overtake bitcoin in terms of market cap, its a matter of when.

I’m not sure if metropolis will be the update that does that. I personally think that if ETH pulls off PoS without any major hiccups, that will be the latest date by which ETH will overtake BTC.


Yes, I strongly believe Ethereum will overtake Bitcoin in marketcap and probably by next year.

If nothing else, then merely for the fact that Ethereum is just so much more broadly useful than Bitcoin, which is merely a currency.

I think much of the economy will move to decentralized blockchain technology in the coming decades and many of these markets and businesses will use Ethereum. It will be order of magnitudes larger than Bitcoin.


I am not disagreeing with this but do have a couple of points? Is the ETH dev team bigger? Also I heard Bitcoin is being modified to facilitate smart contracts. Could Bitcoin just add various feature to compete with, or even stay well ahead of Etherium?


But ETH isn’t meant to be a currency… if it gets too expensive, it will be too expensive to run programs on top of it, and it will lose utility…


IMHO, In terms of fiat money exchange, nope. In terms of market cap, maybe in distant-future. In terms of usage in diverse applications, definitely.

Bitcoin is like the good old GBP…which has recently survived the “Brexit” (1Aug BTC/BCH fork), whereas ETH is the USD…survived several recession and crashes (DAO hack, Parity hack, ETH/ETC fork)…both are survivors in their own ecosystem…only difference is that one has the backing of legacy while the other has the backing of technology…


I do not think it is relevant … with the comming updates ETH fees will stay low …
ETH dev teams are bigger and have better funding then BTC. Your talking about rootstock … ETH is still far ahead of this tech …


Good point.
I also think both are here to stay


Actually I think it is that reason that gas price and ETH as a currency are separate. Technically speaking gas price should drop as the price of ether goes up and the blockchain gets more efficient… But who knows?


The market will decide the price of ETH, but who will decide the price of Ethereum gas? Anyone will vote or something?


When sending a transaction you can actually specify the price of gas. Some wallets obfuscate this setting from the customer but wallets like parity, mist and myetherwallet all allow you to set gas price.

Right now you can set pretty low prices and still get the transaction processed if you are willing to wait. For example I send a 4 gwei transaction yesterday which resulted in 7 cents fee. But it did take me about 45 mins before it was included.


Just saw this articel.
I think ETH will outprefrom BTC verry soon.


Nooby question: How would this impact the tokens that work on ETH such as BAT or OmiseGo? Will they raise or drop price accordingly?


There is a corelation between ETH price rise/drop and the projects taht work ontop of the ETH network.
This is becouse when the ETH will be higher in value people asume that the network also will improve.


I am still wrapping my head around everything, but i believe this is why they us “gas” for function costs in dApps. I believe Gas reflects the real-time cost of running a function over the blockchain, independent of Ethereum price. From what I currently know, the expansion of the Ethereum network, resulting in additional resources, would make each function that much more minuscule, and therefore the cost of “gas” would become cheaper and due to the resource increase the efficiency of dApps would increase. Pleaes let me know your take on this.


That is not correct there are surten metrix wich ensure gas prices stay low