Who is the team behind Crypto Pub?


Hi there!
We are currently 4 people running this forum.
My name is Ivan and I run the Ivan on Tech Youtube channel. We have currently three moderators.

The first moderator is Amadeo Brands @amadeobrands - one of my earliest subscribers on Youtube :gift_heart: Amadeo works in the cryptocurrency sphere in Amsterdam.

The second moderator is my very good friend Fredrik Bixo @bixo. Fredrik is a computer science engineer and he loves IOTA.

The third moderator is Oscar Alsing @oscar.alsing - a very old friend of mine. He is also a Computer Science engineer and blockchain enthusiast.

We are very happy to have you on this forum. Very welcome everyone! If you would like to become a moderator yourself - let me know!



Great, looking forward to learning more from you and the community!


Awesome having you here!:slight_smile:


Ivan the man. Thank you. Looking forward for info and interaction. Headed to Prague for the cryptocurrency anarchy next month. Can’t wait to listened to more speakers.


Thanks for setting up the site Ivan, it will be nice to get deeper into the more technical side of blockchain.


Hi Jiany! Sounds awesome! Hope you have a great time in Prague :slight_smile:


Welcome my friend! Nice having you here!


Hi Ivan and team, thanks for setting up. I am looking forward to being an active user of the pub. Would be more than happy to help in some way with running the pub. i.e. as a moderator.


Hi, I’m Itay I’v, been following your channel and got here. Currently I’v been diving to the cryptocurrency world and it’s fascinating. Hope to be of some assistance and to get assistance.
If you are still looking for moderators to help with promoting and helping this forum I’ll be happy to be assist.


Hey man! Awesome having you here! :slight_smile: Not looking at the moment, but I’ll let you know!


Awesome looking forward to learning more to also teach others to understand the blockchain and cryptocurrency industry


@ivan - you the man! :slight_smile:

Hope to connect IRL at some point, since we’re not too far apart… :slight_smile:

Just set my theme as dark, and got straight OCD right away - image :smiley:

Need any help with graphic design, feel free to holla - probably can’t do much else for the pub (yet :wink:


Thankful to be here, my name is Tee Im a Software Engineer looking forward to learning & participating in blockchain evolution and cryptocurrency ecosystem cheers


I would love to join the team. This is essentially what my website does: brewsk.is


Thanks for all you do Ivan and team!