Which programming course to take first?


Hi everyone,

Between all of the programming-related courses offered on IvanonTech, which makes most sense to start first:

  • Smart contract programming
  • Ethereum game programming
  • Bitcoin programming 101

I’ve completed Blockchain Business Masterclass and am planning on wrapping up Deep Fundamentals in the near future. What do you recommend my next course is afterwards?

I think Ethereum game programming interests me most, but if I will be lost throughout, I’d rather take baby steps within another course mentioned above.

Thanks for your insight everyone!


I would suggest to take Smart contract programming first before taking game programming if you dont have already some experience in this field. than you have all the basics that you need.
cheers lars

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Thanks Lars! I’ll see if I get any other input but, if not, I will follow what you said and start with smart contract programming since I don’t have any experience in this field.

Have a good Thursday!