Which coins to add as subcategories here?


Please write the coins you wish to see as a subcategory in OTHER COINS and I will add it!


How about adding OMG, PAY, NAV, SAFEX, RISE ? Thanks


awesome! will add tomorrow, time to sleep :crescent_moon:


and BAT, ICON(Pre-Sale in 3 days), LRC, ARK, XVG, ByteBall, Civic…


DNT, ZRX (0x) will be my votes.

MANA (Decentraland) might be an interesting one too.


VERI, PPT, SALT as all three have more value in their game changing business model. Huge long term profits from a business perspective.


Can you add GNT and SNM?


Ivan and Takuya, I second GNT and request to add DATA (streamr).


Awesome will do! :slight_smile: thanks


STRAT, should there for sure.

Plus… anyone interested in Sia Coin (SC)?


nice thanks! hm instead of creating categories now I think I’ll wait until someone posts a topic about that token :slight_smile:


Yes, I am. I am still trying to figure out how best to derive its investment value.


Perhaps coins/platforms like Waves & NEM which allow the creation of further AltCoins.
Or maybe these could have a sub-category of their own?


This brings up a thought I had today when reading about OMG.

Why do we want or need so many different coins and tokens?

Bitcoin handles virtual currency and Ethereum handles smart contracts. Most of the other coins basically copy these two technologies.

With each new coin comes a unique walet, understanding the tech, different mining specs, safety issues, etc.

Why can’t all the people in Asia use Ether as their crypto currency instead of OMG. If everyone used Ether or Bitcoin they wouldn’t have a need to have an exchange that translated and held all the alt coins.

We invest in all kinds of companies by buying stock in dollars? Imagine the hassle, if every stock you purchased was in a unique currency. Why can’t all the ICO be issued in Ether instead of unique tokens?

What do you think guys? What is generating all the variety of coins and is this a good thing?


@jdc what is your favorite soda pop? Mine is A&W’s creme soda but these days I no longer drink soda, I drink tea and I specifically prefer Dunkins donuts cool mint brand. If you choose the same for soda pop and tea, I would be really surprised. Would you be ok with only my choices and nothing else? I believe there can be many successful options of the same thing without the choice of options feeling like a burden. Hopefully this answers at least my thoughts to your question.


Komodo (KMD) !
Advanced user/privacy centered technology, dICO platform for dPoW secured independent blockchains and the world leader in Atomic Swaps.


EOS need to be added 100%

  1. one think i still not understand is how account recovery will work.

  2. How people can vote in secure way using EOS CLI if i find a way i will update the section if is going to be created i also can develop simple Qt app for voting on linux if i can understand how to do it in the right way from EOS CLI , Qt app will be opensource for sure.

update 1:

I found how to vote using CLI here is how to.

update 2 GUI vote tool for EOS for linux mac and win ! (win and mac use at your risk)
from EOS Cafe Calgary !

video how to vote


How about VeChain and VeChain Thor