What you think about Loom?


Anybody doing any Dev on https://loomx.io ?


I am still working through the smart contracts course, but taking a quick look I am interested in learning more about loom. If you find out anything cool yourself please share it.

I love the idea of gaming on the blockchain, as you can issue truly unique assets via coins. And as crypto kitties has shown, those tokens can be used elsewhere on the chain. The idea of community driven projects that can evolve the way the gaming modding community used to back in the 90s is exciting to me.

Also the fact that they are attempting to tackle the issue of ethereum scaling is very good and something I intend to follow the progress of.

Since this is a discussion, what are your thoughts personally?


Like you I thought it interesting and like that they already had a business going called Devslopes. Although I think that it’s almost as new as their Blockchain idea. I haven’t had a chance to look into it so deep either but plan on it.
One thing that just looking at the site which rubbed me the wrong way was the highjackkng of the zombie thing. Not that they used zombies but they look very very similar to Flexbox zombies. Is that a real bad thing?


They have:

https://delegatecall.com .

Pretty cool even though not much action. It could turn into something. I have been looking for an alternative to StackOverflow. I am sick of the staus you have to build up and even though I use it all the time I still every time posting or commenting I have to jump through all these hoops and usually at the end of it all they don’t let me anyway.


I really like that they have a Golang SDK, as I quite enjoy writing in that language. I like to see people implementing plasma. Side chains are going to be the way to scalability imo.


Did you notice that they use Typescript, Vue and Sass for their Blockexplorer? That is very cool. I guess that is the reason to use Loom, for the use of familiar tools and they are helping with the security. Digging it so far.


Found this is one Medium article.

Loom Network is aiming to be a platform on which communities can run their software on sidechains, where they all have a vested interest in the platform being provably fair and transparent, while being able to adjust their security restrictions on demand.
Communities will be able to run on a blockchain where users can spin up their own nodes and secure the network. These could be communities like steemit, subreddits, forums, facebook groups, stackoverflow-type Q&A sites — places where people talk about a common interest — as well as MMO games where everyone has an interest in the game remaining fair. The moment there is a divergence from the community consensus, the users must be able to fork away.
When developers are finally able to create these types of platforms just as easily as they build today’s modern Web 2.0 applications, that time will be when the blockchain revolution will truly have begun.