What thoughts keep me up so late at night? Well, I'll tell you my friends

Holy f ing christ!
The pump is sooooo insane to watch.

2017 seems like an eternity ago to me, and after those “two” bloody last years, this feels unreal … yeah, I know 2019 was totally ok, but still … Is this really the start of what we’ve been talking about for so long?
Between us, this scares me a little … I have been faithful and closed my eyes and pressed the buy BTC button weekly on Coinbase for over 2 years and now it seems like the end of the opportunity to buy satoshi for a cheap price?
I’m not exactly rich and it suits me very badly for BTC to go up in price right now. And just as if we’re not enough people in the Academy, we now have to share our future Satoshi with strangers? I don´t like that, the sheeps do not deserve our beautiful satoshi´s, they have not bled as we have, they have not seen what we have seen…

No … the idea of ​​a price increase in Bitcoin is scary and it fits me badly because it ruins my focus on studying here at Academy … For example. Instead of writing this, I could have continued on Filip’s amazing Advanced Course in smartcontract programming 202. Have you looked at it yet? What? Haven’t you looked at it? But what are you waiting for? I’ll put the link here for you. https://academy.ivanontech.com/a/17936/ZJo5SDw4

Yeah, I also know that Academy is probably the wrong place to post this link, but you know what?
I just don’t care. Because Academy is the best, Fxxx the rest! And I think @ivan & @filip are the best teachers in Blockchain education.
And a SHOUT out to the Support team. You are the best of the best. Arami, you always answer me, well if @filip didn´t answer first, because Ivan, he rarely answers … not even when I sent him some nice words and a picture of my daughter and me who are both fans of him. :roll_eyes:
Wow that turned dark real fast. Well i´m a dad and i dont like to see my 10 year old daughter disappointed. Just saying.

Anyhow, since we’re all students at the Academy, you have to be really cool, and then you probably can cope with my bad humor. :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

And No, I’m not drunk or high or influenced by other substances. I’m high on Bitcoin madness …

Thank you and good night, fellow students, and good luck with the studies … :wink:

Feel free to leave a comment or tell me too f … off. I’m just glad someone bothered to take the time to read my nonsense …



Haha I love it! Great thoughts. And thank you for your kind words, we all appreciate them. Our team really is amazing, even though everyonew can’t hang around in the support email :smiley:

Regarding the pump, sometimes you just have to stop for a while and look at the long term picture. You realize how far we’ve come. But I’m sure you will get another dump here sometime where you’ll have the opportunity to buy lower if you’re interested.

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Hahah, fun read bro! :smiley:
Sorry for not replying, I don’t think I’ve seen the message but of course a huge shout-out to you and your daughter!!
Great work grinding through the bear market, times are changing for sure :smiley:


I think I just had my 5 minutes of fame! That was beyond cool what just happend.

I almost put the food in my throat when I watched the replay and was looking for a little shoutout that Ivan managed to tell me in the chat, before it was over. I called my daughter and she came running down the stairs to watch…

Thanks for taking the time @Ivan. You made up for the disappointment … And you’re back to the circle with my real homies.
Now I just have to figure out what to tell the tax authorities after blowing me on YouTube about how often I buy my Bitcoin …

I’m just kidding with you … Because I just wash my satoshi with a little Monero juice and then I just have to think of something else to tell the Norwegian state. After all, it was I who wrote it so no stress bro.

Thanks for the shoutout.

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So much emotions in this thread. xD

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Im born in Italy, and my emotions are all over the place some times. Especially if it's about women or Bitcoin.. Thats just how it is some times, you know? :innocent: