What is hyperledger - Discussion


Thank you, I will correct that. :slight_smile:


Why does each discussion page have the same questions? Ever linked page starts out with a question about the quiz being missing? Shouldn’t each topic/section have a separate discussion page?


I was a bit surprised that there can be more than one ledger. My thoughts are that the ledgers would be for different things and would have there own respective consensus. Am I thinking in the right direction? Thanks!


That was an excellent explanation in this video. Thank you!


I’m not 100% sure about your question. But each node has it’s own ledger in hyperledger, just like in bitcoin for example. And those ledgers would over time be almost identical (apart from forks, stale blocks and so on). Same thing in hyperledger.

But, each peer can also have multiple ledgers. If they are part of multiple channels. But then each “type” of ledger they need their own consensus mechanism and orderer as well.


That was a perfect explanation, thank you Filip!