What about Cryptonex (CNX)?


A couple of month ago I found Cryptonex project which is the world’s first blockchain acquiring
I invested in their CNX coin and use pos mining:
The profit is 12% annually, to get the reward from mining, you need to register a web wallet, buy CNX coins, transfer the coins to the desktop wallet and keep it online as long as possible.
So far I’m quite satisfied with it, but I’m thinking of some bigger investments ib Cryptonex, so I’d like to read about your experience with it.


I don’t have experience with it, if you google cyrptonex scam, there are quite a few responses but nothing that indicates ponzy as far as I can see.

One issue I have with it is the fact that their website doesn’t really describe the process by which they operate (I.e. how do they mine). The website is missing a lot of documentation to be honest.

It also doesn’t show who the people are behind this project, this is itself is a red flag, if it is a project you build and believe in you should be publicly known, hiding your identity is usually only done because you have something to hide.

On to the FAQ, there is no clarification anywhere how you can withdraw your money, which is another red flag as far as I’m concerned.

Last red flag is the need to buy their coin with crypto, but the coin in itself only trades on rather obscure exchanges.

If you have already used it, I would suggest that you try to pay out to yourself and see how that goes, if you don’t have issues there and you are willing to reinvest, then do so knowing that you could lose the money (as always with crypto).


I visit their site regulary and actually there is informationa about pos mining: there are 2 sections “How to gain profit on mining” and “P-o-S mining”.
I believe that I’ve seen the information about the team in the white paper and on some forums, probably, bitcointalk or smth like that.
As for how to withdraw, all you need is to push “withdraw” button, and I’ve already did that several times.
Yeah, the exchanges cnx is traded at are not so popular and personally I buy cnx both for fiat and crypto in the backoffice.
Thnx for your advice, I can’t agree more.