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Hello Everyone,

I am Junior. I recently completed the introductory blockchain course, and decided to continue the quest into the system by delving into the smart contract programming course. My programming experience is well past the expiry date, but I am hoping to refresh and grow with you on this course.


Hi, my name’s greg.

I’m enthusiastic about the whole concept of decentralized, private currency without intermediaries. I see this technology going where I saw the internet going back in the 80s. It will become mainstream.

I am here because I am working on the outline of a cryptocoin project and ecosystem that converges several technologies.

However, I’m not a programmer, though I ‘get it’ (the tech). I’m the vision guy.

I’m here to see if I can find people (some of whom can program) to join me in creating a platform that will draw the masses to decentralized currency (and foster collaboration on human issues at the same time).

See ya round the watercooler


Greetings Ivan, thoroughly thrilled to be learning more about crypto. Much gratitude to You and all who help You help the world. This will help me contribute my life enhancing game, UFSU - Universal Feng Shui University. This course and space bring so much to the evolution process. In peace, ZaumA