Trading Assignment: Find an idea


Time for the first Trading Assignment of this course. This time I want you to take a look at a crypto chart and try to find a trading idea. And just like I shared mine in the video, I want you to share yours in this forum thread.

I understand that this assignment can be difficult, but try your best. It doesn’t matter if the idea is good or bad, profitable or not - the point is to find SOMETHING.


Buy when low, sell 80% when high hodle a percentage (20% accumulate over time) when your in an upward trend market (maybe execute a position based on a certain pre-set percentage Pip movement) . Visa Versa in a downward trend market. Let your algo sail or surf the waves of the markets…driving you to the direction of a Lamborghini; or take profit once you have enough for a lambo!!


Simple starter strategy for XBT (1hr or 30m TF):
Long = RSI(14) <= 30 and MACD Histo Bull Div and MACD signals <= -5
Short = RSI(14) >= 70 and MACD Histo Bear Div and MACD signals >= 5

I use EW and Fib for confluence with this strategy. I’m also testing this strategy with RSI of OBV (RSIa) instead of RSI(14) which gives a better indication of momentum. I published 3 indicators used for this strategy (Triple RSI with div, MACD with div and Demarker) on tradingview if anyone is interested search for [HC] in indicators.


Thanks for sharing @Hank


A possible idea is if the MACD “goes positive” and the price crosses the 50-period MA then buy
And if the opposite happens where the MACD “goes negative” and the price crosses the 50-period MA then sell.


This is my first basic idea on XBT (TF 1hr).
Long: the price line crosses EMA(24) line cross from below to above.
Short: the price line crosses EMA(24) line cross from above to below.


In time resolution 1d:
-Buy when price cross over EMA(21).
-Sell by placing trailing stoploss @ ‘lowest low’ of 7 bars, minus 5 for noise reduction:
[In trading view: “lowest(low, 7) -5”].


Products: BTCUSD
Resolution: 15MIN
technical analysis: MACD(12,26,9)
Long when MACD cross over and MACD value<= -3
Close postion when MACD cross over 0 from below
Stop loss at the lowest low of previous 5 bar