This is how manipulated Crypto is


I did a research on telegram and crypto news artcles and here is what i found out:

Did you ever wonder why some ICO have similiar amount of members on Telegram?
Or how shitproject Nr3045 has over 15k telgramm members in less than 3 days and if you ask any question you never get a reply.

Well, here is why:

Telegram groups buy there Members a quick google search on “how to buy telgram members” will show you how to buy them

And if you think that a coin is legit or is going places because you read about that shitcoin in Forbes wired or other “Top News Sites”, well think again, beause on fiverr you can hire writers that will get your “ICO” on to forbes magazin, etc… as a Geuest Post writer.

To see what im talking about, go to fiverr and search for Forbes guest writer, weird guest writer etc…
And once you see the laughable going rate to publish your shitcoin in forbes, you will realise that the whole Crypto Space is nothing but a manipulated shit game from A-Z.

Same goes for youtubers that will talk about your shit project for a BItcoin or less

Guys dont fall for anything in crypto- its all a manipulated game

Ps: Excuse my writing I hate grammar;)


Crypto Currency Scams
2017 - Lending Platforms, bot trading, cloud mining, ICO’s = $20k Bitcoin
2018 - Bot trading, cloud mining, ICO’s = Bear Market = -$5k Bitcoin (Soon to come) = Projects Disapearing :thinking:

You ever wonder why BTC went to $20k in 2017… LENDING Platforms. Think of how many people jumped into Crypto in 2017. Hey :smiley: you can make “40% Daily profit while you sleep :lying_face:”. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

Tons of projects out and NOT 1 with real world utility. Well… Arguably just Bitcoin.


I have hopes for Cardano. They seem to be on the up and up.