The Gamble: Real Money Vs. Virtual Money


We all know that real money casinos aren’t even legal in certain parts of the world. This is why virtual money or virtual money casinos open the doors for more accessible betting games. Gambling laws aren’t the same when it comes to real money and virtual money gambling. This is why virtual money open doors for lots and lots of online casinos.

Virtual money is easy to access and very secured. Since it uses the more personal technology brought by blockchain, you can access your virtual money and be secured of all transactions being made. While with real money, if you have no more, you have to go and get more from the bank. All this hassle and when your bank goes bankrupt, so do you.

No wonder, people around the world become more and more interested in the exploration of online casinos and online betting games. One example of emerging online casinos is Cryptodice. It’s a casino dice game, only it is virtual, using the virtual currency ETH or Ethereum. It is a blockchain game because of course, cryptocurrencies like ETH are built on blockchain technology. This makes the game more credible and safe to play. If you would like to have an idea about the game, you can check it out here:

So in the gamble between real money and virtual money, it is safe to say that in the fast paced era of the Internet, virtual money has the edge.