Telegram chats as a source of information about crypto project


Hello to everyone! I have a question about Telegram chats. Every project tries to get as much followers in Telegram as possible, because it is an indicator of interest and maturity of the project. But is it useful for followers to by part of such chat? Different people ask admins for the same set of typical questions again and again.
How many Telegram chats of different big crypto projects do you participate? Do you find this chats useful to you? How often do you open them and read?


For me, it is another way to get a feel for what the buzz is about coins. I follow just a few for chatting and wasting time.


Not so much really. Those chats are usually not organised and because of that you see a lot of people “shitstorming” without a moderator so in that case for a small number of people- it works perfectly but with a bigger group it’s hard to do anything then.


For general cryptocurrency discussion, I like this guy’s telegram:

Other than that, yeah, a lot of ICO telegram channels are madhouses!


I agree… some communities are huge on Telegram (like EOS for example - with 56k members as of today) and it’s impossible to have a proper discussion.

Boxmining has a great level of discussions and is one of the best ones. Ivan only has an alert channel, so it’s good when some LIVE sessions come up and then his YouTube channel gets heated up in the chat. When he got Roger Ver almost 3,000 people watched LIVE, so it’s a good occasional chat.

ICO shillings will always happen and airdrops that serve for no reason. Telegram is a great place for them to shill their coins.

What I like about Telegram is to join some channels before Conferences. Ex. NY Blockchain Week channel (for PROMOCODES and after parties), but I think you should rely on your investment decisions based on YouTube reviews and Medium readings and of course… the Newsletters and Forums of the serious projects.

Careful with “help desk” from admins to fix wallets and addresses (like EOS registration), and never ever ever EVER send your private key via DM to a Telegram person willing to help you.