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On the removeall ACTION. In EOS studio it compiles and deploy’s perfect. It also executes and comes back with Execution succeed. Transation id: xxxxxx but it does not do anything. It also does the same thing on the multiple accounts I created.

Is this the same for you?

Just to let you know there is a 404 page not found error on your dogcontract2.cpp link.
(and I am signed into github!)


Part 3 - Test Driving our New Index

Complete Code:

I should also say THANK YOU - your EOS class is a massive help to me!!!

I was trying to do it alone but the EOS documentation, examples and other internet resources are terrible!!! (although I did manage to write some contracts!).

Exactly the same for me, I think I mentioned it in the video. It runs fine but doesn’t have any effect. Seems to be a bug in EOS Studio. That’s why we move on to running our own node and use command line tools for EOS 201 course. Because studio is limited in it’s functionality.

I have fixed the github link now. Should work :slight_smile:

Thank you for your feedback on the course. It makes me happy to hear. Would you mine leaving a review on facebook with your thoughts? That helps us out a lot.