Starting the course, what could be my planning?


Hi there guys, Ive bought the course on presale, thinking+hoping I had time to go through it during my study and work. My thoughts for this year are to fix this course! If I have about 1 full day and 2 evenings per week to work on this course, how long would I be working on it? It seems quite extensive. Im very new to programming but quite experienced and knowledgeable about Blockchain.

Hope to get some usefull input.


Hi @Hugo_Bos ,

The course is very immersive and can be difficult at times. I am savvy with programming and have spent the last week hacking at it each day for hours. I am currently about 80% through.

With your pace I would suggest at least a month if you knew some programming. I would suggest you budget two months or so if programming is new to you, and are dedicating part time to the course. With that said, the content is the best I have seen yet on blockchain programming - so the efforts are well worth it. My suggestion is to make sure you fully understand the JavaScript stuff that Ivan mentions, and to do the exercises at the end of each reading assignment - even if you struggle. Just try your best to use what you learned, as well as google/stackoverflow it. It is not cheating to research the answer - that is basically how every programming does their job on a daily basis.

Best of luck!


Thank you so much buddy!

I will start by reading the Javascript literature. Good to hear that this is such an high quality course, I will take my time for it :slight_smile: