Sololearn - Learn coding


After watching one of Ivan’s videos about it never being to late to learn coding, I have been inspired to do so. 33 is not too old right? :slight_smile:

I have found this website which is also available as an android app (and possibly IOS). There are several of the main languages including: Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python3, C++, C#.

It’s a very good and easy to use even for beginners. It walks you through step by step from the very first steps of coding. Frankly I can’t believe this is free.


33? You’re still a kid! (? Haha! I support the never too late to learn philosophy, so go ahead!
Actually, this is a great resource for me too! As I’m still taking a look into coding!
Thanks for sharing @David_Wyness :sunglasses:


Hey, I’m 61 and interested. You think I could learn this too? What language would I benefit most from with an interest in crypto currencies?


Thank you for sharing this information.


Hey Doc! Of course you can learn this too! :slight_smile: It requires time, focus and dedication (at least that’s how it works for me!) and you’ve got lots of resources to learn for free, like this one that David mentioned above. Freecampcode and Codecademy have been really useful for me as well!
And regards your second question, it depends what is that you are interested doing with crypto! Do you want to create your own cryptocurrency? Maybe if you could expand a bit more about that, we can give you a more detailed answer :pencil2:
Finally, to start learning code in general, I was recommended by the nice guys in this forum to give it a go to Python! According to this article is one of the most used and useful for different purposes!
Hopefully some of these words could have helped you!


Thank you Wan for the encouragement. I would want to use my coding skills to first of all be able to analyze and inspect the code of different crypto currencies and tokens and assess if it is good. I would like to be able to look into a particular coin’s GitHub repository and understand what is being done to improve things. I want to know enough about coding to be able to start an ICO from a business perspective and know how to talk to and communicate with a coding team.


Yea, there is nothing impossible definitely. I can share an experience of switching to coding profession. It took me about 9 months from almost zero experience to first full time job in web development. Now I work as a web dev for 3 years already. I also had some coder friends who encouraged me, so keep going guys:))


I started using this website yesterday morning, I am quite impressed with the layout as well as the user experience. It is no college degree but will help out a lot for me in the near future, thanks again!