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Michael, I take this to heart. You are right, no matter how compelling real life stories, it’s better to start with e.g. it is a complimentary to the business environment. Top. Thank You.

I regularly post examples of that in a blog section showing latest of IBM blockchain in central and eastern Europe if you like to check: http://


Thank you! I will check it out!

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TL;DR: Effective sales, internally, requires allies.

Being a Senior Auditor at a Big 4 accounting firm, at first it wasn’t easy to get an audience with enough influence to make a difference internally. I had approached multiple partners asking about what our blockchain initiatives are, only to get shrugs, "I’m not sure"s and the occasional “what’s blockchain?”

What I found to be a huge help was to eventually identify allies that would help make the sale for blockchain-related services more appealing. This meant finding a Partner who knew about blockchain already and who already believed that the firm should put an emphasis on learning about blockchain as soon as possible, to be better prepared to accept clients in this industry.

Long story short, a few of us, together, were able to onboard our first blockchain client. It took convincing our National office that it was worth the risk and that it would be a vital learning experience for our geography.

Firms are still hesitant, to this day, to accept blockchain-related clients. The slow pace is why I decided to change companies and now work in a very large and growing crypto-mining business :slight_smile:


Great advice @FaierPlay, thanks for sharing!