Public and private key short forms for newcomers

For people that are new to blockchain: I noticed that Ivan uses the short form ‘PK’ for ‘private key’. However, when using ‘PK’ for ‘private key’ we run into an issue: ‘PK’ can also stand for ‘public key’. Therefore, it is much better to use ‘SK’ for the short form of ‘private key’ because a private key can also be called a ‘secret key’.

SK = secret key, also known as private key
PK = public key

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I think he’s referring to PK Subban, the hockey player :wink:

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I understand the difference with Public keys and Private keys.
Like having a garage door opener for everyone to used but you have the pad control number to control the doors access.

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Except you can’t accidentally crash your car into your public key :slight_smile:

Good analogy though!

My guess is the Garage door analogy isn’t the best but, if I got my idea across, mission accomplish.

Hahahaha nailed it :heart:

Yes i think its would be a good idea. Well thought Sir thanks for the content

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