Proper laptop for C++


Any advice on which laptop would be best for C++?

I’ve been going through the course with a work computer and need to get my own laptop. Don’t need to use youtube/stream media, just need something for programming. I’m currently using a windows laptop. Thanks!


Apple is probably going to be the best for working on EOS and C++ in this course. If you’re going to go with windows based laptop then Dell. Most important things are memory (RAM) and storage (SSD is common these days) so it comes down to screen quality (touch if possible). Here’s a link. Let us know what you decided on :wink:


Thanks for the advice! I went to best buy with a lower budget in mind and ended up being upsold to this one:


Impressing specs. From the looks of it it is going to serve you well for quite some time and screen looks like top notch as well. Congrats! Great choice.