Programming Reading Assignment

  1. A program is a set of commands to a computing device.
  2. The key skill is to write simple programs for complex problems. A program can be complex but it should be easy to read / understand.
  3. A programming lanuage helps the programmer to command a machine. Machnine code is very hard to read.
  4. Javascript was named like Java because of a marketing idea. Java was very famos back in the 90s.
  5. Its a standard for scrips and the same as Javascript.

  1. A set of instructions for the programmer to give the computer a execusion
  2. It gets complex because you can create a mase.
  3. A interaction between humans and pc
  4. same, different langage


  1. Creating instructions telling a computer what to do
  2. The complelixty of programming depends on the way the code is written and organized by the programmer. It could be small and simple or long and messy.
  3. Programming languags allow humans to interact with and read computer programmes which would otherwise be communicated in Binary, which is almost impossible to read.
  4. Almost nothing, it was just a marketing idea to use the name Java
  5. Both terms refer to the same language