Please allow me to Reintroduce myself

My name is Mike Flanagan. I’ve been in school for Computer Science/Software Engineering for the past 8 years, transferring from different schools and such in order to get my Bachelors in Software Engineering. I currently have an Associates in Software Engineering and Associates in Computer Science. I am here to learn blockchain programming. Smart Contracts, algorithmic trading etc. I got involved in blockchain before the hype in 2017 and have been in and out the market ever since. Always keeping my ear to whats going on. I am happy to help answer programming questions, but keep in mind my smart contract programming knowledge is likely less than some others around here. So hopefully I can find someone that wants more standard coding help but is good with smart contracts, and we can help eachother fill in eachothers gaps in learning. Other than that my hobbies are bodybuilding and fitness, pc gaming, and self development. Hope to see you all around and maybe one day i’ll have my own youtube channel like Ivon. ttys

Mike Flanagan