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If anyone just starting out is looking for some good pine script resources and code snipets, check out I am not affiliated with them, but when I was learning all this stuff on my own I found them to be a great resource.

Code snip on basic timestamp and other strategy inputs as demostrated by @filip

Nice overview of the Strategy Tester information available (look at Sharp Ratio as well)

Nice overview of how to simulate strategy in a study so you can set alerts (no backtest information available in a study). This is a pain with Tradingview as alerts are not available with Strategy (supposidly to be added in 2019) and Strategy Tester is not available with Study… so I found it was helpful to tune a strategy, then convert it to study and set alerts to forward test.

If anyone has any other pine related resource please do share… ;o)


Hi Filip,
Can you provide me the link in tradingview you mentioned in the video.
Kr. Roland

SOrry about that, I have included it in the lectures now.

here it is :

Hi @filip, first of all thank you for great course. I started from scratch and I learned a lot.
But I don`t understand one thing about the pine script.
Is the pine script only for developing startegies and backtesting, or can I use my pine script as a trading bot and execute it to live exchange? Is there any way?
Or is necessary to use javascript language to program trading bot?


Thank you very much, I appreciate your feedback. You can use pinescript to trade as well, by using some of the trading partners tradingview has.

Hi @filip,

Great course, thanks !

I’m not sure I get why the result varies with the initial capital. Which parameter causes this variation ?


The absolute result or the percentage result? Could either way depend on how large of a position you take.

The percentage result

Then it’s quite simple to explain the difference in the result. Since you have different initial capital the percentage result will differ. Let’s say your strategy makes $100 result. If you start with an initial capital of $1000, that’s a 10% return. But if you run the same strategy with $2000 initial capital, then the result is only 5%.