Pain from Sitting at Computer!

Hey crypto friends, have you had pain from sitting at the computer for long periods? I had this problem and was helped by getting a standing desk converter that enabled me to sit or stand to use my computer. Check out FlexiSpot for helpful ergonomic options for your computer station.

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When I started my new job back in March, I specifically requested a standing desk. My back is much better since!

I got something similar to this off Amazon for less than $200:

Well worth it! I stand about 6-7 hours per day. I still need to watch my posture though, because even standing you could get lazy and have a band stance.


@FaierPlay, glad to hear you got a standing desk for your new job and that it has helped. That VIVO desk looks similar to the one I got, FlexiSpot’s AlcoveRiser Standing Desk Converter M7.

Standing so long could also negatively affect body circulation and cause spider veins in legs. Could help to wear compression socks.

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Woah, really? Noted. Based no your research, is there a rotation you recommend? For example, 1 hr standing then 1 hr sitting?

I’d be interested in optimizing for the best long-term results.

Alternating sitting and standing is a good idea, though I’m not sure about time intervals. 1 hour sounds good because you could take a break to stretch and then adjust to/from sitting or standing. Regular cardiovascular exercise would also help improve your body’s circulation.

Another good thing I recommend is an anti-fatigue mat (at least 3/4" thick) for standing work.

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I’m wondering if my boss will buy me one of these…

Of course as my back pain decreases my productivity will boost exponentially :smile:

Thanks for starting the conversation! I bought a kneeling chair and a set of back strengthening straps couple of weeks ago.

I use my chair every now and then, i switch between a basic chair and my kneeling one from time to time. The straps aren’t of mutch help since it put forces on my articulation and causes pain.

The option you propose is really interesting! It might be the tool i actualy need.

Thanks for sharing! Appreciate.

Is a kneeling chair better than standing? Never heard of a kneeling chair before.

I’m not an expert but taking in consideration that sitting on a standard chair isn’t a natural position.
Also that it is prone to making you forget to keep an eye on your posture. I’d say that it is definitely better to have a kneeling chair since, I say that from personal experience, it is easier to remember to check your posture. On the other hand in the beginning it is pretty hard on the body since it develop different muscles and require your to use the chair properly.

I’d says that regardless of the position you chose to use (standing, sitting, or kneeling) the best choice is to alternate between different option. In the end, humans evolved in movement and are active beings.

I didn’t personally experienced standing yet but I can imagine that it is, after getting used to, also prone to forget to check your posture. It is probably on the long term also hard on the vertebral colon and if you already have deformation, it could make the situation worst. But in any case standing sound like a very good option since I believe most people wont just stand up but instead switch between sitting/standing.

In the end standing/kneeling is IMO the best combination if combined with regular small stretching exercise period. e.g:

  • touch your toes, shoulder circle, look left&right, bend backward, do a squat exercise_sheet_for_computer_jobs

I found this picture doing a quick search on google for : computer people stretching sheet

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I only use a standing desk. Once you know what sitting does to your spine and disks, you will avoid sitting (and lifting and biking) at all cost.

Im following Bob and Brad Youtube Channel. They are physical therapists who have really good exercises and explanations for all kinds of issues, but mainly for the back.

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I’ve build myself a standing desk with the PC with integrated in it. I also purchased a new chair and my back pain is gone now.

Here is a picture of my setup.

If anyone is interested I can make a few more pictures of the desk.


Sure, curious to see your standing desk setup and how you integrated the computer into it.

Here is the desk. I will make some more pictures when I clean up a bit. It is a custom desk with watercooled PC inside. The legs are motorized and I can move the desk up and down with the push of a button. I made the PC myself, because I’m making such kind of crazy computers in my shop and when people see it they want it and it is quite good advertising :slight_smile: .


Thank you for the reference! appreciate

That one of the most Syfy looking and beautiful desk i saw up to this day. Congrats Sir really impressed :slight_smile:
Just by curiosity whats the required budget for this kind of project.

The desk only is about 1500 Euro and the whole PC can reach tens of thousands depending on the configuration. Is this version with all the peripherals and the 5.1 sound system it is about 10 000 Euro, because only the two GPU’s are around 3000 Euro. It can be a lot cheaper tho.

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@Milko_Tsanzov, super cool, thanks for sharing your custom adjustable standing desk! I bet there is much demand in the US for computer desks like that, particularly since it’s ergonomic. Do you ever visit the US? :slight_smile:

@tanja, thank you much for sharing Bob and Brad’s YouTube channel! I found their video on shoulder tendonitis and started doing the rehabilitation exercises they recommend. I hope this will help with shoulder pain from a lot of computer use.

You wrote that you only use a standing desk. I find that my lower back feels compressed and pain after standing at the computer for a while; then I switch to sitting. Do you ever get that lower back pain from standing for long periods, and how to fix this?

You are welcome. If you can switch between sitting and standing, by all means proceed so you have the least pain. If you have sciatica, daily exercises and swimming is necessary an no lifting and carrying any weights. Really not and never again. Posture might also be something to look at or height of the screen. But I am sure you know that. Its also in Bob and Brads videos.

Walking around during breaks helps and during longer breaks I lie down on the couch and put my legs up. Same at home of course. I found that walking makes me loosen up a bit and takes away the foot pain form the standing. Lie down during lunch break too for 20 mins. It depends on how many hours you have to work I guess.

More tricks:
-See an Osteopath (not an orthopedic surgeon)
-Atlas adjustment (by an “Atlaslogist” or some old school chiropractors)

  • If you have sciatica and not been operated: hang from doorframe or wall bars a few times a day. (both legs down, not like in the pic) This reliefs the pressure onto the disks. But if you have neck pain or have been operated on the back: dont do it, seek professional advice first.

Everyones history is different and everybody’s back has manifested the trouble in a different way. Therefore its a journey of finding what works for you. I also like what Dr Tent (Diverse Health Services) lectures. He is a chiropractic, old school. He does Skype or in person treatments.

— no health advice ----just like buying BTC its no financial advice —.


There is no demand from US and I usually don’t share my builds. In fact this is the first time I share a picture of my build. I’ve never been in the USA, but someday when I get visa I would love to go to New York.