Own token in under 5 mins ? ( A newbie question)


Hi guys !

A newbie here :slight_smile: I have signed up Ivan’s programming course for around 2 weeks (20%) and find it really difficult to learn as I am no geekguru. Meantime, still trying to survive it as I believe one can only gain after go through the struggle.

Back to topic, so while learning, I browse a bit here and there on the web and youtube then found out so many people out there is doing 5 mins token/ smart contract… Just out of curiosity … Are they the same as what we are learning in the programming course? Or should I ask what’s the difference between them ? And they seem to have particular platform to create it with just few clicks instead of writing out everything…? That’s really confusing though… :face_with_monocle:I know there are plenty of Genius out there… Would be really appreciated if you are willing to share your opinion! (otherwise I am drowning in course :stuck_out_tongue:) Would love to see all of you come here and chat a bit .:wink: Cheers! :beers: