Monero vs Bitmain? Steven Seagal EXIT SCAM


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Monero is trying to fight against the moves done by Bitmain, Steven Seagal exit scams from Bitcoiin and a new bill that might make it easier for the IRS to chase tax evaders has been passed.

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another great podcast


Thoughts on ETHOS , universal wallet coming out this week , do you think it will impact crypto industry and fiat gateway ? Perfect for newbies ?


let’s start a separate thread on this, create a new topic


Shame. Steven Seagal must be gutted his ICO didnt work out. Now he cant buy the lifetime supply of Cheeseburgers.


When Monero states that they are “Updating their Software” are they referring to changing their Consensus Mechanism; e.g. Changing from PoW to PoS? It seems rather unclear, unless I’m missing something?
And if so, how are they so easily able to change from PoW -> PoS? From my understanding, it’s quite difficult to change an already established consensus mechanism…


the idea is to change the PoW algo regularly


Sounds like a clever move to make the mining algorithm a moving target, but it seems to us that no proof of work protocol is sustainable in a long term sense. The world is waiting for another “proof of” solution advancement.


I actually feel really really bad for the guy. I would be willing to bet he does not understand what he got himself into. I dont know if he is well educated about the crypto space but I doubt it and I bet he relied on bad advisors and now his lawyers are telling him to shut up. He could be the poor sap who got publically left holding the bag for the government to make an example of. Furthermore if I was the government I would be even more upset as they warned public figures months ago to stop endorsing icos and the blind are still leading the blind with some pretty bad nefarious actors hiding in the shadows. This is bad for crypto in general especially if the government feels like the crypto space is not listening to them and showing respect as well as tempered semi intelligent participation. Furthermore where is all this scammed money going? Bitconnect, this ico, exchange hacks etc? How much money does a person truly need? Not this much so my guess is that it is funding some people doing some truly bad $h!+. If I was the American government I would see this as an outright assault on the country and act/plan accordingly.

In fact here some crazy ideas on how I see the American government fighting back:

  1. For Americans locking out retail investors aka no more massive amounts of dumb money flowing in.
  2. Putting those micro computers the size of a grain of salt that IBM is developing for crypto/iot and embed those in physical cash and products used by terrorists.
  3. Massively fund block chain projects that serve a common good on the surface but further a secret government agenda. I found it interesting when I saw that article about the State Department partnering with Cola Cola in regards to labor tracking. Terrorists use human trafficking for funding as well as child labor for operations. The same group of people working in a Coca Cola plant oversees I imagine and now these people are no longer a faceless unknown and easily used and discarded without being noticed. Furthermore many terrorist organizations blend money and products with legitimate business streams/operations. What if the same oversees trucks moving Coke bottles across the desert now have those computers with the sensor data that Streamr/DATA coin is working on and they read trucks are too heavy or chemicals or unknown substances are in the air in the back of the truck as it is moving?
  4. Plant government agents as developers into crypto startups and recruit developers from existing projects as well. Create a revolving door of top notch cutting edge crypto developer talent.
  5. Run secret mining farms and develop monitoring/hacking tools to put on mining nodes to monitor, degrade a network or plant a virus (I dont know if this is technically possible now, but I uttered these words in the universe so in regards to science fiction this is now a possible future) on all coins that they are mining. Identify how to centralize power in a decentralized way.

For me Steven Seagal is now a part of the dark side of crypto that I would rather gloss over among my dreams of lambos and pink unicorns. Clintie, sorry I rambled, your comment just sparked a lot of thoughts tied into me feeling bad for Seagal.