Mine Crypto on Your Phone – Innovative or Unrealistic?

Pi Network claims to be the only cryptocurrency you can mine on your phone. It uses the Stellar Consensus Protocol (SCP), in which each node only validates other nodes it trusts. Pi claims its algorithm only uses lightweight messages to determine mining consensus, which can be done on mobile phones with low cost and limited battery drain.

Is there any other project that enables mining on mobile phones, or is Pi Network the first?

If you want to try Pi out, you can join here (by invite only, using my ID BlockchainAlchemist).

Unless it’s mining made specific for phones and no other device, I don’t see the advantage or the reason why you’d choose to use it.

Phones already don’t last a full day. Regardless of how light this protocol is, if it’s running 24/7, it’ll drain the finite battery even quicker.

you can mine XYO but as FaierPlay mentioned having it running all day is awful, i only mine for about 2 hours a day on my coin app (for xyo) and it takes my battery down to 60% on battery saving mode

pi and electroneum are nice cause you dont have to have the app open but electroneum is irritating cause you have to send in selfies with a drawing all the time so i dont use it

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@Grave_Throne, thanks for weighing in. How is it that Pi doesn’t need the app running but can still mine without much battery drain, and how does its mining function work differently from XYO, which drains battery a lot?

electronium works well with very little battery drain. youll pull down abour 100etn every 20 days or so. you gotta tell it to keep mining. the kyc doodle thing is minimal. and doesn’t need to be done often you have restart the miner ever 7 days though. heres a screen shot