Microsoft is buying a crucial part of the software ecosystem


What are your thoughts on Microsoft’s acquisition of Github?
I personally have mixed feelings about the whole matter.


As far as I know there are alternatives to GitHub. I believe Ivan mentioned it once on good morning crypto as people asked what would happen if GitHub went down.


Yes, it is true. I know of Bitbucket and recently found out about Gitlab.
Hopefully Microsoft won’t ruin the platform by doing dodgy stuff, but I’m incredibly sceptical when it comes to proprietary companies buying out smaller companies.


I know that MS lately using GitHUB as source control system instead of their own.
I think that finally they did recognize Git was better and they just bought them to have even better integration.


It will be interesting to see if they migrate everything over to Azure and if it will actually improve the platform.
I suppose time will tell.


After seeing what happened with Netscape, Skype, Hotmail etc. I dont think that MS has any intentions to not “ruin” the platform.


I share the sentiment of proprietary companies buying out smaller companies and yes more often than not this is not a good thing for the user base of the smaller company.

Having said that, I’m quite a big fan of Azure and have recently moved over to Office 365; which is excellent in comparison to a lot of other tools / suites. So perhaps they could improve on Github.


@1CoolKid Haha! Yeah, that’s exactly what I’m afraid of. At least we have other viable options if everything goes balls up, unlike other platforms like Youtube for instance, where the competition doesn’t hold a candle to it.
@iwan.spillebeen That is my hope at least. Azure is one of the best cloud alternatives out there, especially if you’re into machine learning from what I hear. My concern is also that I don’t trust Microsoft, as they’ve done shady stuff in the past. They can make a good product though, so i have to show respect where it’s deserved.


Why Microsoft will pay 7.5 billion for something that they can do yourself ?
The real reason is they are buying control to analyze what smart people over the world do!
The same reason they took linkedin.

We need linkedin version based of EOS also !
I totaly agree with BTC core devs and i think we need decentralized version of GitHub based on EOS!
The same reason Evrypedia will going to replace Wikipedia world need more freedom to code free !

P.S found good article how to migrate from Github.


You don’t pay 7.5 Billion planning nothing. Just to keep it like it is. BitBucket has free private repos and I’ve been wanting to move but just never took the time. Guess I will now.
I will say that VSCode is the best damn Editor out there and that is free. I guess you can say goodbye to Atom. It was buggy anyway.
Wonder what will happen to Electron.


@CompSciGuyIT t’s not end of time there 're others still in open source !


I’ve used Bitbucket before, it’s a solid platform but I do prefer Github. Gitlab is another one worth taking a look at, though I’ve never used it personally. I like how it’s an open source platform though.
Check this site out for more alternatives. It’s actually pretty good for sourcing all kinds of things!


Wow that’s a lot of alt’s I had no idea. I have tried
There GUI is nice but a little to much for me it felt like you had to learn Git all over again so I stuck with the Command Line. I now use VSCode for that though so I decided to wait and see right now.


I this git GUIs are nice for visualising the repository, especially when it comes to showing clients that you’re actually getting work done. Github (and I’m sure others do too) already has features that can graph the repo and all the contributors work, so I don’t think they are 100% necessary if you’re comfortable with the command line.
Still worth learning how to use one though. I was going to take a look at GitKraken at some point, it’s a payed service but it looks super nice. :ok_hand:


that’s great @CompSciGuyIT


Not sure if I am a fan of the idea. I understand that Github is open source, and I believe that it shouldn’t be centralised, or at least giving control to Microsoft :japanese_ogre: