Mekong Delta Explore

Because the summer season of Tien Giang is considered the most attractive because this season the fruits racing each other with their color flavors. In addition, this season is also very suitable for tourists to row, swim …Originating from Thailand, Cau Duc hamlet gradually becomes a specialty tree of Hau Giang. Like Queen, pineapple in Hoa Tien commune, Vi Thanh town has a sweet and delicious taste. Considered the best dish in Can Tho by many Cái Răng’s Grilled Pork Roll (Nem nướng Cái Răng) is made from fresh minced pork, which is swept then kneaded into round meat balls, next it’s grilled on a hot coal stove.When eating, you should add in the green onion and oil mixture, addition with some herbs, lettuce. The pie has the smell of the flour, the bold flavor of the radish, the sweet of the shrimp, and the sour and salty of the fish sauce. The pie is great for brunch or teatime.The worshipping plaque is decorated with wonderful patterns, featuring two dragons attending to the Moon, the sophisticated patterns of apricot, orchid, daisy, ivory bamboo, pine trees. For better noodles, eaters can eat with some raw vegetables or eat with seafood or flooded with broth. The name of the tube cake is made of a cylinder shaped mold, about 10-15 cm long. The cake mold is not available in the market, the seller must ask the processor personally at his disposal.Ca Mau is also well known for its bird sanctuaries: Cai Nuoc, Dam Doi, Ngoc Hien and others.

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