Meet-up announcements for Toshi Times / Ivan on Tech members


Every so often I see people asking to meet up when they are traveling, usually this is as part of a conversation or in the introduction pages, where it gets lost very quickly. So let’s try a new category for meet ups.

If you are traveling, going to be at a convention or conference, let the community know with a post below so that you can start meeting up offline as well as online.


Sounds like a good idea !


For those interesting to meet, I’m on the experts panel at the Blockchain Unchained event in Bangkok on the 21st June 2018. If you’re attending, let me know so we can catch up after the sessions.

If you need more information:


Yeah a good idea but always the same, We as a species are still so clumsy with socialising online, at least the older people like myself. The younger ones like my kids (who are almost adults now) seem right at home with this and operate with a strange etiquette that I do not quite get.
A lot of screaming, grunting (boys) and swearing in languages they do not know, usually Russian. It is not a surprise that most of this interaction happens during gaming.
Hehehee, enough about my discomforts online.

So I live about 2 hours from Cryptovalley Zug Switzerland, but I have never been there.
If someone is traveling to Zug for a conference, let me know, Likely I would hop on a train and meet you there.


Montreal here, if anyone’s every hitting up Canada, let’s grab a beer (or poutine :slight_smile:)