Max Number of Ethereum addresses?


Hello everyone. I have been thinking about a solution for crypto tipping on a mass scale and my solution needs the ability to create ethereum addresses that will hold very small amounts of ethereum and the addresses have a high probability of being disposable. Think a homeless person having tips in multiple ethereum addresses but never accessing/using the addresses except to cash out.

IPV4 ultimately will/or has run out of addresses. Does Ethereum has a max supply of addresses? Is there a better way using some sort of ethereum technology to create burnable addresses? Ie addresses that hold funds once and once the funds are used/transferred out of the account the private and public key association gets burned/distroyed allowing for a new private key to be used?

I appreciate any thoughts on this.


On the topic of tipping, the problem with using Ethereum for that is that even though ethereum transaction fees are low, they are still there. So until some new feature comes out, its not going to make much sense to do it with eth.

On the other hand there are things like IOTA that have no transaction cost, but probably less useful.

If you talk about the max number of addresses, that number is huge and practically infinite given that the values are alpha numeric.


@Jepb100 With IOTA you can send micro payments as there are no transaction fees, it’s fast, scalable, gets faster with more network use (unlike blockchain)
I’ve set up a meet up group to discuss how to help a local a charity and local business with IOTA DLT, feel free to sign up and join in the conversation even if you can’t make a local meeting, we need people like yourself who want to help humanity with DSL (as opposed to just making money with awesome business ideas) we need both but I’m focusing on helping mankind first :slight_smile:

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I am unable to make the Meet up but I am really keen in joining your discussion regarding coin donations. Thanking you. :wink: