Masterclass students/Grads - Test your skills on this whitepaper


Anyone want to see an ambitious startup with the idea described, but very little by way of explaining ‘how’ they plan on accomplishing this. I am using this whitepaper as a project example to make an SDD and sketch to see if I even ‘can’ map out if this is possible.

The company is KRATE, and they want to make a data storage system the likes of SIA, Storj, ect, however they have some crazy idea’s about using POW, POS, and POC (Proof of Capacity), they want to have a 1 minute block time, thinking things will run 20sec through POW, then pass the baton along ect…

A couple more interesting things they plan on doing…
– Writing EVERYTHING in C# , so that it will be compatible with everything from Samsung Smart TV’s to windows, to mac’s
– All work is done off Masternodes
– Everything to be done off their local APP that you download
– Surprise super blocks - Random mined blocks that have 2x or 10x payouts
– 5 ways to earn income
– Earn income on empty storage, without anything even in it (You earn again if you have something in that storage)
– much more

After reading their (non technical) documents and browsing their github commits, honestly, I can’t see how they plan on doing anything like this. From what I gather, they are tring to build the whole company and product in one giant chunk. So after browsing their discord channel, Github, and website, I have determined that they have been going for a year, and recently parted with their developpers and are left with as far as I can tell, not much to show.

I recommend taking a look at the Whitepaper and Github (9 commits, and 1 contributor) as of today. Let me know what you guys think, from a consulting point of view, is it even possible to make a SDD out of this?

The whitepaper is located off their website as well as on github

Curious to hear what anyone thinks. Is this project even possible the way they want to do it?


Blockchain Masterclass Students/Grads- Test your skills on this Whitepaper