Loops - Reading Assignment

  1. Looping allows to do repetitive tasks.
  2. A loop in javascript helps us to do a task again and again until a particular condition is met.
  3. In a while loop condition is checked first and then the code is executed but in do loop the condition is checked is checked after the execution of code.
  4. Indentation is giving some space in starting of a line of code so that it becomes easy to read and manage.

  1. What is looping control flow allowing us to do?
    It allows us to return to a point in the program where we were before

  2. Describe what “loops” do in your own words.
    Loops are functions that repeat a set number of times until a chosen requirement is met.

  3. What is the difference between while and do-loops?
    While loops will only run if the chosen boolean is true.

Do loops will always run once and then check to see if they should run again.

  1. What is indentation?
    Adding a number of spaces or a tab to your code to make it more readable for humans.