Libraries - Reading Assignment


Why do we need libraries?

Libraries allow us as programmers to re-use already made code

  1. Thanks to Libraries we can use some of existing code to save our work.


A library generally consists of pre-written code . We use them because they provide useful tools that allows us to programme faster and more cleanly. They usually involve code that is really beneficial and has common uses.


We need libraries because, as programmers, we shouldn’t waste time writing code that already exists. We should be able to reuse it and, if necessary, write new code if the existing one does not work for what we want to do.


Why do we need libraries?

  • It is because we don’t want to write all the codes by ourselves. We can make use of the libraries that other programmers have already written brunch of functions.


Why do we need libraries?
We need libraries to save time by reusing code that has been tested by others peers and has proven its convenience.


Why do we need libraries?
As programmers, we should re-use existing code when we can, so that we don’t waste our time writing code that another programmer has already written.


Why do we need libraries?
Libraries are a place where we can find ready code for a specific need.
The code works and there are no mistakes.
It is important that the code is written correctly, legibly and comprehensibly.
This allows us to take it and use it without losing energy and time writing it .


1- The reason we need libraries is so that we don’t have to write everything from scratch when we need functionality that is used hundreds if not thousands of times across different websites. They’re an easy way of leveraging the work of other programmers for our project.


A library provides programmers with already written code that can be used so that the wheel does not need to be reinvented thereby wasting time and effort.


So I can use stuff written by someone smarter than me and look like a genius! :slight_smile:

  1. for code reuse, for simplicity and for avoiding reinventing the wheel


Why do we need libraries?

  • libraries are generally available for the public to re-use code that someone else has written. Typically good libraries will contain a large number of different methods / functions that are related to the library subject. So using a library will likely give you access to many functions that you may need, and same much time. Also, libraries being public will be heavily used by many developers, so there is a lot of certainty that the code is bug-free, and also well documented.


Libraries provide us with code that has been written to solve common problems, so that we do not have to spend time solving problems that have already been done by others. We can instead increase the speed of our development by leveraging these other people’s work.


Why do we need libraries?

Libraries help make our work easier. Instead of constantly writing code from scratch, we can refer to libraries for code written by others to achieve the same functionality. In this way, we need not have to go through the entire process of writing the same code, making mistakes in the process.

Furthermore, everyone has a different way of coding for the same functionality. This can make transferring or reading other people’s codes difficult. A program might require multiple contributors’ efforts, and if everyone’s vocabulary is different, it can cause the program to fail. A library serves to standardize everyone’s vocabulary


1 Why do we need libraries ?

A library is a file that contains a bunch of functions and those functions accomplish some useful task for your webpage. There are a huge number of libraries and for any given bit of functionality, there are multiple libraries that accomplish that bit of functionality.

  1. To reduce the amount of code that we need to write, and that somebody else has already created - we just need to point to that already created code and by that include it into our website

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    We need libraries to streamline our production process by not wasting time rebuilding code others have already built and made available for use.

  1. We don’t really need libraries but they offer the developers functionalities that would take days to develop. It also allows the developers to use already written code for the functions they need and focus on specific problems related to the project they are building.

  1. Using a library saves a lot more time than what is required to get familiar with them, they add increased functionality.