Libraries - Reading Assignment


1. Why do we need libraries?

We need libraries to re-use the same code that other programmers has already written and so save our time and also easier build more complex things.

#102 reuse code and not waste time in doing something someone else already did.


Libraries ease our programming experience by enabling us to access code that has already been developed and perfected by other programmers.
this makes the whole web-designing process for instance, a bit more easier


Why do we need libraries?

Libraries can help developers add certain aspects of a system that at some point was thought of a good idea to perhaps “standardize”. Things such as functions that help the correct input of a password before being allowed to continue, the way a certain link can behave when the cursor hovers on top of it, etc.


Why do we need libraries?

Libraries allow us to reuse proven code that can save time and help us improve upon existing code or make it our own.


Why do we need libraries?
We need them for reusing code to prevent ‘re-inventing the wheel’. We should only use code libraries other programmers have made publicly available as ‘open source’. We should leave the required attribution statements in the code, which identify the author of the code.


It’s not that we actually need them, but if we do decide to use them, we’ll be able to save a lot of time and hassle.
Creating everything from scratch can be a good mental exercise, but in practical terms, it’s like trying to create a car from scratch, when there are already documents that show how to properly create a car.
Not only is allows us to save time, but it also comes with the guarantee that things have been tested (at least if it’s a popular library) and therefore our product will be less prone to errors/mistakes.


We don’t need to reinvent the wheel.

1	Why do we need libraries?

So we do not have to reinvent the wheel!!
JS libraries have usable blocks of tested code for various functions for web pages.


Why do we need libraries?

It’s a time saver if we don’t have to build everything from scratch. Often many of the tasks that we want to do have already been done before and libraries contain solutions to problems and are documented.


Libraries helps us reuse and build on the existing code which saves time and better code


We need libraries to reuse existing code and save a lot of time.


We use libraries because it saves us time. we don’t need to write a piece of code if someone else has already done it. there are lots of useful functions that are already written in libraries that can be implemented in your code that you may not have thought about.

  1. Instead of writing the same code over and over again from programmer to programmer. Then you can import a library that already have the code for a specific purpose so that you don’t write the code unnecessarily. Which means that you save a lot of time doing this which is the main purpose.


To build new ideas on top of existing code.


1. Why Do We Need Libraries?

To reuse code which saves time with our programming. Libraries are a collection of functions that someone has taken the time to put together to save other programmers time from writing similar or same code. Have to love < Ctrl> C and < Ctrl> V


Why do we need libraries?
The simple answer is “why reinvent the wheel!”, code that already exists saves time!


to save out valuable time so we can focus on other prospects


Reuse existing code so that we don’t have to write code that is already written.


There is no reason to reinvent the wheel, we can use code that meets our needs if its available