Libraries - Reading Assignment


Library is javascript file, which has bunch of functions for some task like slide show etc. We use them for saving time.


JS Libraries make it easier, quicker and more efficient to create websites, without having to rewrite code that has already been written and is freely available for use.


Libraries are used to improve their skill and save time for the developer.

For example, the developer calls jquery libraries to query a particular list or database without the need for them to rewrite most of the codes again. Jquery library will do most of the heavy lifting.

  1. Libraries are used so that deelopers dont need to reinvent the wheel. If the code is open source, then it makes sense to use the code and develop around or on top of it.


1. Why do we need libraries?

We need libraries so that we, as developers, do not waste our time writing code that someone else has already written. We can spend our time more productively and can focus on making whatever project we’re working on the best that it can possibly be. Using libraries eliminates a lot of mundane repetitive (as someone else has already written it) programing.


–Libraries function as a repository for completed code. This repository can be used to retrieve self-developed code and/or share code with other programmers.


We need libraries because we don’t want to spend time to program something that is allready programmed by someone else. So we try to re-use code. To include a library in our program allows us to use the pre-built code that is inside the library. We only need to figure out how to call the code we need and usually there is some kind of documentation about it.


1. Why do we need libraries?
Because it is recommended to use code of others developers in order to avoid bugs in our code and do not waste our time reinvented the wheel. A library in JavaScript is a file which contains a bunch o funtions, and those functions accomplish some useful task for our work.


Libraries allow programmers to reuse code so they can focus on the actual novel elements of their own code instead of reinventing the wheel.

  1. Since libraries contain a lot of built-in functions already programmed, using them makes coding easier since there is no need to do everything from the scratch and just use resources already created.


1. Why do we need libraries?
To avoid inventing a wheel the second time. Another words to use the code somebody else wrote.


Why do we need libraries?
It’s very useful to use libraries in our code because we can reuse functionalities already implemented and reviewed by the community of the respective language and thus save time and effort implementing the same functionalities from scratch.

  1. We need libraries to reuse already written code (by some one else) by implementing it in our programming code (to save quite some time, energy and focus and to avoid bug & similar problems-ssues.


With libraries, we can re-use already created code and save tons of time.


Reason: It will save our time and energy to use someone elses code and we don’t have to re-invent the wheel.


Libraries are useful for incorporating already existing code, which usually has been reviewed and tested by many people, into our own code. It helps avoid errors or bugs that might creep in if we tried to write it all from scratch and also it saves time as the functionality we want might already be readily available.


Libraries are required to simplify a programer’s work. They help to decrease a wasting of time. The libraries allow us to use already written code in our work. There is no need to invent a bicycle again, it is already invented - just use it.


Why do we need libraries? The use of libraries saves time and effort by not allowing programmers to re-use code that has been developed to solve common tasks.


Why do we need libraries?
We need to use libraries to reduce the repetition. We can of course write a good functions however using libraries allow us to save time and effort. So no need to invent the wheel again, we can use the libraries as lego pieces and build a great working product.


Libraries open up a world of prewritten functionality, without us have to reinvent the wheel for every function that we need. They can make projects more quickly achievable, and a less technical level than if you had to go in and write all of these functions from scratch. This way you can focus on the overall structure of what your project will be and not each individual function.