Libraries - Reading Assignment


The power of libraries is given trouh the bundling of functions that anyone can reuse.


Why do we need libraries?

  1. so we don’t all have to re-invent the wheel
  2. so we don’t have to worry (too much) about cross-browser differences. jquery is an example of a lobrary that takes care of that.
  3. speed of development.
  4. if a bug is found many times you can change it in one place.

My opinion: a good library is almost like having a higher level language. for instance if you use jquery, it is kinda like having a higher level language than javascript.


1. Why do we need libraries?

We need use a library to avoid losing time rewriting functionalities that are very common, since someone probably already did this work and probably with more quality.


We need libraries to facilitate programmers developing a code by allowing the reusability of code.


Libraries are chunks of code that give functionality. They allow us to quickly implement functions without having to worry about the details of how the function works. The main purposes is to speed up development, by eliminating the need to repeat work that has been done before.


To reuse professionally written code and to save time.

  1. It is pointless to write everything from the bottom up, especially if that is already done. By using libraries we save a lot of time.

  1. Why do we need libraries?

Libraries are needed in order to not waste time in re-inventing functionalities that already exist.

  1. We need libraries to reuse code that someone has taken the time to write and get right. This allows us programmers to not reinvent the wheel and build on top of those building blocks provided by that library.


1.Why do we need libraries?

Give us the power of reusable code that can be accessed by many programmers thus saving them time having re-invent functions unnecessarily.


Not to reinvent the wheel. We can use other programmer’s material … doesn’t make sense to write a lot of code line to achieve something that it’s already out there.
It also helps to better manage your code.(less lines)


Programmers use library to reuse code and not waste time writing lines of codes for the same task for which someone else has written the code already.


Why do we need libraries?
It’s is an easy way to reuse or use other’s code in our app.


Why do we need libraries?
Libraries provide abstraction by encapsulating code written by other programmers. This abstraction enables programmers to write less code by reusing other programmers code and this frees up the programmers time to program the parts that require custom programming.

  1. We need Libraries to solve and organise problems once, allows for easier collaboration.


Why do we need libraries?

We reuse code in order to avoid wasting time rewriting codeor algorithms that have already been written or invented. Popular JavaScript libraries likely have had a lot of debugging and refinement, so not only will your work be quicker, it may have less errors or be more functional.

For a better user experience it may be necessary to think about not downloading too much external javascript to avoid bloating and slowing down the website with unused functions.

On that topic, last night Gmail allowed me to try a new upgrade and I was very impressed with how clean and snappy the performance was, aside from the new features!


Why do we need libraries?
The use of libraries enables the programmer to save time and effort in the writing and debugging of code. Technically the programmer does not need to use libraries to write code. The programmer could reinvent and recreate the functionality that is available in libraries however this approach is much less efficient than employing library functions that have already been developed to perform the desired operations.

  1. As programmers, libraries help us speed up development by providing us with code that can be reused for some useful function of our program.


Why do we need libraries?

We use them to re-use code. They are useful because be dont need to invest time creating code that is already available and use that time to focus on the main objectives of the project.


We need libraries to facilitate the sharing of re-usable bundles of functionality; so we can exert more energy on the problem we are trying to solve. Why invest the time when someone else has already done the work! And most likely, because code is open source the library has been peer reviewed and optimized.