Libraries - Reading Assignment

  1. Libraries contain code that has been already written and that may be useful to be reused for our own project. Basically, it is helpful because we don’t have to rewrite code from scratch, instead we can use code that has already been written and shared by others. Sharing is caring :slight_smile:

Libraries are tools for storing codes, so that we can pick them up when needed and reuse them.
(Some libraries are considered safer than others, and your code should be pretty darn smooth to be accepted for upload on the various places. )


Wee need the libraries in JS to reuse the code that others have already written and it will save us time instead of writing everything from scratch.

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    To not re-invent the wheel. By using existing code you not only save time but also get a tested piece of code. So less time and less bugs

1.Why do we need libraries?
Libraries contain code developed by some developers which we can reuse.


Since libraries contain useful functions, using them allows us to save time and not waste it doing again what has already been done before by someone else.


Why do we need libraries?

Don’t reinvent the wheel.

Libraries allow programers to share foundational, proven and tested code on multiple sites. The effect of well written and tested code allows for time saved in writing code and in delivering the site to the user which in turn reduces the cost of electricity, repairs and storage. The effects is great, the struggle is to learn about the best libraries.

  1. Why do we need libraries? We need libraries because it simplifies and the work that needs to be done to complete a project. Why re-invent the wheel if someone has already made a good dom object (a much nicer form than the default styling and function that is provided with the most basic ‘native’ forms). As long as the library has a good ‘reputation’ (many developers have used it and it has received favorable reviews) then there is no need to lengthen the time spent on a project when you can stand on the shoulders of others who have created libraries before you.
  1. Why do we need libraries? To reuse code without wasting time to rewrite it.

To save time and re-use code which is already built.

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    We need libraries so we don’t reinvent the wheel and waste time creating code that is already shared to the world.

mainly for not reiventing the wheel and saving time on testing and coding


It enables us to use functionalities that have already been written without starting from scratch.


To save time by reusing code.

  1. We need libraries so that we can save time by not having to re-write code or “reinvent the wheel” every time we need a certain functionality on our website. We can use libraries to execute the code that has been written by someone else to perform an operation on our website.


We need libraries to be able to reuse the code that someone else did and in that way we don’t have to write it every time we want to make a new program that needs that functionality.


We need libraries in order to use features (code) that were designed by other people. The purpose of this is saving time and effort - no need to reinvent the bicycle.


We need libraries in order to avoid to reinvent the wheel each time we code


1.we need libraries to reuse code.