Libraries - Reading Assignment


For reusing existing code

  1. Why do we need libraries?

To save time when building something, reuse code if it work for what u need, a decent library will give u all the documentation possible in order to use it or modify it until it fit ur requirements.


we use library so that we can reuse already existing useful code without having to reinvent the ‘wheel’ every time


Why do we need libraries?

  • So that we don’t waste our time writing code that another programmer has already written.


We use them to save time. Someone else has written the needed code and worked out any potential bugs.


1- Why do you we need to use library?
We use library because we want to reuse code that is already programmed by others and put on servers
to be shared by others.


Libraries increase efficiency by providing API-type pre-written code to enable devs to not have to do the same stuff all over again to build common functionalities in web apps.

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    Why write something on your own, when someone else might have already done it.


The point of libraries is to reuse code that has already been written instead of wasting time writing them. The codes inside of a library could also be shorter and more efficient, then the code you write.

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    Because its easier to rewrite code so we dont spent much time for the same code.


As a programmer you should re-use existing code so you dont waste time on existing code.


Library is a set of functions, objects and classes that you can use in your application. It is greatly simplifies programming in JavaScript. It can be much easier to navigate through HTML elements, manage animation, handle events.

  1. Why do we need libraries?

To implement pre written code into our programs to save time and be more efficient.

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    Instead of re-inventing the wheel. We can use efficient, well documented code shared from others.

  1. Why do we need libraries?

Adding functionality to your programs without have to create every piece every time from scratch.

  1. A library is a file which has some pre written functions to perform a task that we can reuse in our code.


1- We need libraries so that we don’t waste time writing general code that is already available out there, allowing us to focus our energies in more specific tasks with our program.


To use already battle tested code again and again
To increase efficiency of work and focus on new challenges instead of spending time on same thing again and again


In short, to save time
…we don’t waste our time writing code that another programmer has already written

  1. Why do we need libraries?
    To reduce the needs of redevelop commonly use functions, will help to reduce development time. It makes the code more reusable and neater.