Libraries - Reading Assignment

Libraries allow us to win time, avoid repeating the same mistakes done by other before us.
It is a great way of building on top of existing knowledge and trial n error of developers before us.

  1. Libraries allow us as programmers to re-use existing code that offers some useful functionality so we don’t waste valuable time creating code that already exists.

We can use libraries to reuse a function/code, if we have a similar task. This safes time, money and avoid mistakes.

1 Why do we need libraries?
Libraries are important because it can save developers time from constructing functional code that may already be accessible to use in a program freeing up time to actually work on our application.

  1. I think the most important reason to use libraries is to SAVE time, as we all know by now coding can be time consuming and libraries are a place to go a find code that has been reused plenty of times.

Why do we need libraries?

A library is a JavaScript file that contains a bunch of functions, and those functions accomplish some useful task for your webpage.

We need libraries in order to use functions and code that has already been written/created to save time and improve our efficiency.

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  1. Why do we need libraries?
    Libraries adds value to our content, enhance productivity and functionality that would normally take years to code and develop as an individual.
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We need libraries to share code with each other, so we can build upon each others code and use functions to create new functions. Also a good way to get guidance, share ideas, save time and learn.

  1. It saves us time, we can use templates that are in the library so we don’t need to figure it out ourselves, makes it more easy to write a program.

Libraries make writing code easier by using templates of pre written code which helps save time.

Why do we need libraries?
-To make coding more efficient. Save time from others. Libraries includes different functions and are reusable.

  1. to reuse code. A programmer shouldn’t implement coding for functionality that does already exist

“…so that we don’t waste our time writing code that another programmer has already written.”

To reuse existing/useful code and save time

Libraries let us reuse existing code and save time

1.A JS library is a suite of pre written code which can be imported or referenced into the code you are working on, Do not need to reinvent templates and forms if already been done before

  1. We use libraries to re-use code. Why reinvent the wheel each time? You better focus on the your real task, making some added value.
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  1. Why do we need libraries?
    Libraries are files that contain predefined functions that can be made available for reuse in your own code. They allow developers to focus on new innovation rather than reinventing the wheel, so to speak.

Why do we need libraries?
By using libraries, it is more efficient to reuse code already written than wasting our time writing new code

  1. Libraries enable us to include functions in our program code which have already been written by other developers to provide the same functionality that we ourselves want to implement. Using libraries saves time by not having to come up with solutions that have already been written by someone else. Libraries include documentation and examples which help us to incorporate their functions and to adapt and modify them for our own particular programming context and needs.