Kajabi mobile app

I got the email from support@ivan.academy announcing the course can now be accessed on the new mobile app Kajabi (on Android and iOS), and I have downloaded it, but I thought I would check here before I went ahead and put any credentials into it!

I’m surprised to find no mention of it here, or in the Academy. I realise it was only two hours ago, but an in-forum announcement might be a good idea.

I figure that having it on my phone might enable me to spend more time in the course, as I haven’t done anything in a very long time.

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My main problem is that I am constantly working on my computer and cannot get my mind off work if I am in front of it.

If I can access it on my phone and/or my iPad that might help, although, of course, to do the actual assignments is still going to require a keyboard and my notes.

By searching on duckduckgo I have at least found: https://ivan-liljeqvist.mykajabi.com/
But it would be nice to verify on teachable and toshitimes that this is legit.
(Because if I’m already doing it through Teachable, does it sync with Kajabi?)

Just downloaded the app myself and entered my email address but noticed the last few letters and the .com were not highlighted like the beginning of my email. I clicked next but never received the email to push blue button. Tried twice , same result, but was able to login using my browser on phone. would probably go blind trying to do anything but listen to videos :).

So, are people still using Teachable?
I have not got around to using any platform for this for quite some time.
I need to get back to it.

@ian Teachable was phased out of Ivan on Tech Academy in September. The Academy emailed its students about the Academy migration to https://academy.ivanontech.com/. Kajabi is the platform they use to host the courses. A FAQ about the move is at https://academy.ivanontech.com/faq-for-teachable-students.

Does that answer your question?

Yes. That was what I was looking for since I received the email, because I couldn’t find any sign of corroborating information on any related website to confirm that people had switched to a new platform.
I asked the question here, because I expected, if it was not a phishing attack, that numerous people should have at least had a conversation about the transition.