jQuery Reading Assignment


–jQuery is a coding library that makes it quicker & easier to develop JavaScript web pages & web apps.
–jQuery can be used to more easily add animation effects, create-drag-and-drop interfaces, create drop down menus, add complex client-side validation, etc.
–Uncompressed jQuery is more easy to read & larger in size (160kb). Minified jQuery is compressed, has unnecessary characters removed, & is helpful for quicker downloads (23kb).


1. What is jQuery?
jQuery is a free javascript library.

2. How does it help us as developers?
It helps us to shorten our code and time needed to finish a project. We can use functions that are already created by other programmers. “Why reinvent the wheel?”.

3. Why do we have 2 versions of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
The uncompressed one is bigger but easier readable, making it better to study it and understand the underlaying javascript. The minified one however is smaller and easier for the browser to load. It does have all the functionallity and should be used when building a website/app.

  1. JQuery is a library which has many standard operations which have previously been coded using Javascript and been made available as open source code to use by developers.
  2. No need to re develop the wheel. We can use the code within our code to undertake typical requirements within a web page development.
  3. Uncompressed is to allow developers to understand the code whereas minified is the bare essentials of the code and should be used within the developers code to minimise the size of the code file.

  1. jQuery is een libary that contains code you can use to call on your webpage.
  2. it helps us because we can just call pre-written code inside the libary and the maintenance of the libary is done by someone else. For example cross browser compatability
  3. 2 versions exist because one is the full library with all comments etc (code that is not really needed for the program to work). To make the library smaller there is also a version that only contains the code that is needed to work and does not contain the comments etc. This way the webpage does not have to load a big library and loads faster.


1. What is jQuery?
It is a library that makes it quicker and easier to build JavaScript webpages and web apps.
2. How does it help us as developers?
To simplify our code, with one line of code we can achieve what would have taken 20 lines of JavaScript code.
3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
• Uncompressed: is easy to read and modify, but too heavy 160kb in size.
• Minified: only 23kb in size so it is much quicker for visitors to download. This version is recommended to place in the website.


What is jQuery?
Free open source JS library.
How does it help us as developers?
Provides us with access to common functionalities so we can write fewer lines of code in our webpages/apps
Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
The big one has the comments and spacing for easier understanding, the small one is for using when you actually deploy, so it is lighter weight.


1. What is jQuery?
jQuery is a JavaScript library.

2. How does it help us as developers?
It helps developers to create powerful JavaScript apps faster and easier.

3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
One to place it on the production site and one for development. They differ with size and this means that one loads faster then the other which might be the case on production environment.


jQuery Reading Assignment

  • What is jQuery?
    • jQuery is a javascript library
  • How does it help us as developers?
    • It contains code that saves programming time and lightens the code that deals with web pages and web apps. You may be able to write a single line of jQuery code that achieves the same thing as ten or twenty lines of standard JavaScript!
    • It is free to download and use, but also there are “hundreds of” additional jQuery plugins to add even more features.
    • With jQuery a developer can animate elements, make XML AJAX requests, make animated slideshows, animated drop-down menus, drag and drop interfaces and make web forms client-side smarter.
    • Javascript itself can do all these things, but jQuery already has these routines, so you don’t need to reinvent the wheel.
    • Lastly, because the jQuery functions are cross-browser compatible you don’t need to write different JavaScript functions for different and ever-changing browsers.
  • Why do we have two versions of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
    • The uncompressed .js file is readable and editable and commented, so you can understand what it is doing, but it is 160 Kb.
    • The “minified” .js file has all the comments, whitespace and unnecessary characters removed, reducing it to only 23 Kb. This one is for your website that will be called by your webpages, to speed up the performance of your site.


What is jQuery?
jQuery is a JavaScript library. It comes in the form of a single .js file.
How does it help us as developers?
It helps developers make web pages and web apps more easy.
Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
The uncompressed is easy to read and modify.
On the other hand, the minified version is a lightweight file without unnecessary characters. So, it is right one to embed on websites and the quicker to download by visitors.

  1. Is a JavaScript library that contain several in-built functions used widely in web design.
  2. Most of the functions available in jQuery simplify most of the work usually done in web design. That means that for a functional web page, the required code can be far smaller than writing it all from plain JavaScript.
  3. The uncompressed weights 160kb, while the minimized weights only 23kb, which means faster loading time when using the minimized JQuery. The uncompressed includes comments and a nice format for people to understand what the functions do and how they work.


What is jQuery? A js function librbray
How does it help us as developers? it has many shortcuts for implementing powerful scripts within a js webpage
Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed? Uncompressed has all comments, mini does not and takes up less room

  1. jQuery is a Javascript based library.
  2. As a developer you can use the library for already invented Javascript and not has to do it again. By using th elibrary the own code can get shorter.
  3. The minified version is the version, to load from with the actual webpage. The uncompressed is for reading and documentation purpose.

  1. jQuery is most popular Java Script library.
  2. It’s simple to access, makes code much shorter, helps to achieve common JS tasks quickly and consistently across all major browsers.
  3. Minified version loads much quicker due to it’s size, however if we would need to change its code with uncompressed version it might be easier to do so, because the minified version is difficult to read.

  1. jQuery is a javascript library.
  2. It helps us to create less code with more functionality.
  3. We have two different version, one is for human eyes other is for users loading speed

  1. jQuery is a library in Java Script and written by Java Script help code faster and sorter.

  2. Help developer dont need recode function already have.

  3. 1 for easy readable code and one for faster.

  1. jQuery is a javascript library. It gives many useful functionalities in addition to plain javascript.
  2. It makes it easier to write the code we want. We can use the functionality to make our code more concise and expressive.
  3. Minified: It has smaller size so it is easier for the end user to download when they load the web page.
    Uncompressed: It has a larger size but it is more readable for the programmer as it has more comments, explanations, etc.

  1. jQuery is a free JavaScript library, which can be used to add different functionality in our code.
  2. It helps us to minimise a work required and at the same time jQuery helps us to deal with different types of browsers.
  3. There are two versions of jQuery. They are different in size, which allow for quicker downloading time. But the readability is also different - bigger file is easier to read.


What is jQuery? jQuery is a JavaScript library
How does it help us as developers? The use of libraries reduce that amount of coding required by re-using useful code
Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed? The version contains all of the comments and documentation that should be used to understand how to implement the library. The second, small version, has all of the documentation and comments removed to make the file smaller while still maintaining the functionality.


What is jQuery?
jQuery is the most popular library on JavaScript.
How does it help us as developers?
By using this library developers avoid to write several lines of codes, developers use just one line of code to use many kind of functions thanks to jQuery.
Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
uncompressed is for read and understand the codes on the library.
minified is for just store the library with smaller size. Using minified makes more sense if you want to save some disk space.


1. jQuery is a very popular javascript library with all kinds of functions, as well as many plugins to extend functionality. It is used but many large corporations and individuals alike.

2. In addition to all of the precoded functionality, jQuery helps developers but handling cross browser compatibility and allowing you to call upon complex functions with just a few lines of code.

3. The 2 versions of jQuery are:

Uncompressed - this allows you to more easily read and understand the functionality as well as to make edits. However this comes with a larger file size.

Minified - due to it’s small file size, this is the version you want to use on your site, as it’s quicker to download for the user. The draw back is that with all of the comments and empty spaces removed, it’s difficult to read this code.