jQuery Reading Assignment

  1. JQuery is a JavaScript library that simplifies that creation of webpages and web apps
  2. It allows us to reuse code to simplifies the production of code and gives us the benefits of code that has been scutinied and tested by others.
  3. Minified js library is a version that removes white spaces and comments from the full version ( uncompress ) in an effort reduce library download and loading time

  1. jQuery is javascript library which help for quicker and easier development of webpages and webapps
  2. By using jQuery user can get the required output in few lines of code, where if the same code writing by using javascript it would required large no of lines code. JQuery useful for Animated effect, XML request, Manipulating DOM, create slideshow, better form interface, adding drop down menus etc.
  3. Initially having the uncompressed version which contain all the comments or other information so it is easy to read and modify but size of this file is large so the minified version developed in which all the white spaces and comment are removed so hard to read and modify but small in size so its quicker to download

  1. What is jQuery?
    Its an open-source library for javascript used to simplify the way to build webpages and web apps.
  2. How does it help us as developers?
    By saving us time, since you can access to many features on some few lines of codes, instead on build and modify a large ammount of code to achieve the same goal that u can do by using jquery.
  3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
    uncompressed: large file, easy to read and modify.
    minified: light file, hard to read and modify but much quick for visitors to download.


What is JQuery?

  • jQuery is a library that makes it quicker and easier to build JavaScript webpages and web apps.

How does it help us as developers?

  • It helps developers write powerful JavaScript apps using fewer lines of code.

Why do we have 2 versions of JQuery - minified and uncompressed?

  • The uncompressed version is easy to read and modify but it is larger than the minified version to download
  • The minified version is compressed and can be downloaded quicker and easier for visitors but the minified version is more difficult to read the code.

  1. jQuery is a library of helpful JavaScript functions.
  2. It helps developers my allowing them to use functions written by others and not reinventing the wheel.
  3. uncomprssed has comments and white space that makes the code more readable but is slower to load due to size.

  1. jQuery is the most popular library for javaScript.
  2. It helps developers by providing a place to upload and download code that it can be re-used.
    3)uncompressed is the code as written. minified is that code with all the white space and other unnecessary characters removed so that the file is smaller. minified is what you would want to use as it makes your file smaller and thereby faster to download though it is not very readable by humans.


1- What is JQuery?
jQuery is a bunch of code that is gathered in a library, this code is made by Javascript and can be
reused freely by programmeurs to make powerfull webpages and webapps.

2- How does it help us as developers?
JQuery helps us to not reinvent the wheel instead of programming everything again: code of others can be reused to make many good things on our webpages interface, validation on clientside, requesting data from server side without reloading
the page and many other things.

3- Why do we have two versions of jQuery- minified and uncompressed?
Minified are jQuery file code that does not contain any comment or indentation to get a very small file to be quickly downloaded on the client side. It is about 23Kb
Unompressed jQuery are normal file code that can be up to 160Kb

  1. What is jQuery?

jQ is like pre-written javascript code for certain designs and stuff on apps. There’s a whole bunch of them. They’ve already simplified the code and made these universal setups for simple stuff like how to add a flying banner or some animation to your web app.

You can access them by adding .js at the end, which allows your code to access the jQ libraries.

  1. How does it help us as developers?

We don’t have to reinvent the wheel, basically. There’s tons of functionalities we can call on using .js queries. It helps us to standardize codes across multiple browsers as well, because they already set up a standard procedure.

  1. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?

The uncompressed version is built so you can edit it and is 5x large in KB size than the minified version, which is uneditable but takes shorter time to load. If you don’t plan on editing it, just use the mini version.

  1. What is jQuery?
    Very powerful library that makes javascript development much more efficient. There are many jQuery statements/functions that can accomplish what might require many lines of javascript. Furthermore, navigating the DOM is a piece of cake in jQuery.

  2. How does it help us as developers?
    IN many, many, many ways. Lots of powerful functions, behaviors, DOM manipulation.

  3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
    When deployed to production, we want to minify it to reduce the whitespace and make the overall library size smaller (for faster browser loading)

  1. jQuery is a library that makes writing javascript code easier.

  2. jQuery help developers by have shorter codes that would usually take 10-20 lines in javascript. Developers just have to link the library’s .js file to their code and call the functions

  3. The uncompressed version is easy for developers to read and get a hang of using it because of the comments but the file size is large. The minified version is practical for actual use case within websites, it has no comments, punctuation’s, or spaces, so its easier and faster when the end user runs your website or program.

  1. What is jQuery? – jQuery is a JS library which can be used by anyone.

  2. How does it help us as developers? – jQuery enables developers to focus on the main functionality of their application by reusing code from already existing solutions for reoccurring functionalties.

  3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed? – The uncompressed version is commented and explained for understanding purposes and the minified is more raw and has only the neccessary functions depicted. Therefore you can download the second version faster into your website.


1. Vad är jQuery;
jQuery är ett bibliotek som gör det enklare att bygga Javascript-webbsidor och apps.

2.Hur hjälper det oss som utvecklare;
Du kan skriva kraftfulla Javascript-appar med färre kod.
3.Varför har vi 2 versioner av jQuery - minifierad och okomprimerad?
Den okomprimerade är lättare att läsa men mindre i storlek.Den minifierade har alla kommentarer,är snabbare att ladda ner för besökare.

  1. jQuery is not big, JavaScript-based library that greatly simplifies JavaScript programming.
  2. With jQuery it can be much easier to navigate through HTML elements, manage animation, handle events, work with Ajax requests.
  3. Uncompressed version is convenient to use during the development and debugging of your site.
    The minified version is almost useless for debugging, but it weighs much less.


1. What is jQuery?

JQuery is a library that we have access to that helps developers to build javascript applications more efficiently by reusing code, written previously by others

2. How does it help us as developers?

It helps improve compatibility between browsers, makes it more time efficient, by allowing us to input often lengthy pieces of code using fewer lines.

3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?

The uncompressed file is easy to read and modify however its file size is large.
The minifield has all comments, white space and unnecessary characters removed, making it quicker for visitors to the website to download

  1. What is jQuery?
    It is a powerful library for JS that comes with many tools to build dynamic web applications
  2. How does it help us as developers?
    By using JQuery the amount of code necessary to build a page reduces drastically.
  3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
    Uncompressed version is for us to understand the library, each code sections. The compressed version is for the webpage. The user does not need to see the comments hence the smaller data the better.

  1. What is jQuery?
    JQuery is the most commonly used JS library. It adds a lot of preprogrammed functionality.
  2. How does it help us as developers?
    Saves a lot of time.
  3. Why do we have 2 version of jQuery - minified and uncompressed?
    One is for people to read with whitespace and comments. The other is to be more efficent and run in a browser.

  1. jQuery is a javscript library that makes it easy to build web pages quickly with less code .
  2. The amount of code written to implement a functionality in javascript reduces by using jQuery.
  3. uncompressed version is of 160kb which is easy to edit and read while minified version is of 23kb removed all the comments and whitesopaces making it difficult to read and modify.


1- JQuery is a licensed library with various pre-written codes available for free.
2- We developers can greatly benefit from JQuery as is allows us to add functionalities to our website using fewer lines of code, as well as giving us the ability to make our code work in any browser.
3- The minified version is useful to put into our code as it is smaller in size, so it loads quicker. On the other hand, the uncompressed, as it comes with comments and more white spaces, allows us to easily understand the code inside as well as modify it.


1)Free JS library
2)jQuery allows developers to invoke a lot of common tasks that require many lines of JavaScript code to accomplish and wraps them into methods that you can call with a single line of code.
3)Uncompressed is larger though easier to interact with, whereas the minified version removes all non-necessary characters and white space.