@ ivanontech Academy

I’m stuck,can’t get in anywhere in Ivan site!
Came here with Google account, other no good anymore!!?
Last visit…24.02 and after that new bill but no access! Can’t learn a sh… But time is going…
… tiered to struggle in.

Best regard
Itmar Karvanen
ikarvanen@gmail.com …which is not getting any … ramti@solo.ee is working!

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Hi @RamtiX

Did you try to contact them at this address ?


If you don’t get any answers tomorrow (they usually answer in 24/48 hours) get back to me here and i ll forward your message. If their was an issue on their side, they will give you back the days that you have missed, don’t worry

Well…finally got in …sence now!
Been changing settings a month!
…same time lost fb and account in yt
Gut,let’s learn some…