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Hi Ivangelists,

in this topic you can introduce your own created dApps and projects and get feedback from other community members. I hope that one day, here will be a lot of interesting successful projects :wink: :dizzy:

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Here is my project :slightly_smiling_face:

:earth_africa:Website: https://drinkordo.com/ (check only on smartphone, desktop version is not working yet)

:family_man_woman_girl_girl:Telegram group: https://t.me/DrinkOrDo


:speech_balloon:Some info:
This is an ethereum based party game that involves alcohol drinking. Basic rules: pull some cards from the database, you decide whether you will do the task on it or drink a shot. Then you give your phone to the next player who pulls the next card.

:anchor:Technical details of the game:
You need to have some dApp browser to access like Opera. After clicking the “log in” button, you will be prompted to pay the price and get access. After payment, you will get back a “drink or do token”. This token needs to be in your wallet, so you can interact with the game. The fact that you paid to the contract generates you an affiliate link.
Affiliate link can be shared through the social media buttons in the bottom. If someone uses your link, he gets back 10% of the price immediately and of course you will get 10% of the price also.
Every logged in player can add card to the database. Cards are stored on Ethereum blockchain. Every player can also show all the cards on the smartphone, or they can be directly printed.
As the game is very fresh, first ten players can get the game for 10% of the price. After that, price will automatically switch to its normal price 0.3 ETH.

I hope, that I can get some constructive feedback, opinions or collaboration. I would be glad if I can also help with your projects. Have a great holidays!! :evergreen_tree: :evergreen_tree:


I found also some interesting project by @Paultier here:

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when I’m Done with the new Ethereum course, we should team up and make something cool together with some other students :+1:

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