Is Ivan BANNED from Youtube?

So his last video on 24th Dec '19 was about the recent Youtube crypto purge, showing a lot of crypto and bitcoin channels got suspended and all their content deleted. A few hours pass, and today, Christmas morning, I drop by to check if he posted anything and I see everything deleted!!

Ivan on Tech channel is in the exact same situation like the ones presented on the last video!
Can we perhaps get any updates on this from the team?

Youtube is beyond disgusting doing this purge on Christmas, when

  1. The exposure would be less as people are not focused on their usual business
  2. The impact upon creators would be more severe as it would basically ruin their year-end plans and holidays.

Anyway, I think it’s high time Ivan started using some other means as secondary options for his video content, cause Youtube is the pinnacle of single point of failure for a content creator.

This is bleak, but to end on a positive note,
Enjoy your Holidays and may the New Year bring us all more hope and palpable results. Merry Christmas!

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Looks like all his videos are turned to private videos.
There must have been a mistake…
YT cannot just delete videos. Is it because of the word ‘Bitcoin’?

Apparently someone abused the report button of YT and caused all this.

Yes, the issue seems to be clearing up.
I mean, we still cannot know what was going on behind the scenes, but this should very well be an alarm signal so we as a community have a contingency plan in case s**t hits the fan with the big corps.

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His videos are back. I think YT should charge people to use the report button so it cannot be abused.

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