Introduction to Blockchain Games - Discussion

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You don’t actually have to make a whole game to participate in ENJ. It occurs to me we’re all going to start making on-line vending machine websites to sell ENJ-minted items to players to use in other people’s games. I’m already designing my brand.

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After extensive discussion with some game devs on the ENJ Discord thread (and being called an idiot by everyone): forget it. Developers insist on hand-crafting in-game objects in their game for each tokenized ENJ item. Nobody’s willing to use raw metadata as the game object in their games. There is no universal ENJ object protocol. ENJ is not the open-world, multi-game panacea its sold as.

Yeah, most devs probably don’t. The point is that you can attach data there for applications to pull standardized information from. This is very helpful for users since this will be displayed in the Enjin wallet. Other game devs doesn’t have to care necessarily, even though that would be the utopia.