Introducing myself


Hi, my name is Jimmy. I worked in the GUI design field in the late 1990s/2000s before being made redundant during the dotcom bubble. Been driving a bus since then and enjoying it. Heard about crypto a few months ago and just want to know more.

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Hey Jimmy! Nice to meet you. What made interest in block chain programming? :slight_smile:



Hey Rob, Sorry for the VERY late reply, life has been busy. I have set aside some time to hopefully complete this course.

Hey Jimmy! Nice to meet you. What made interest in block chain programming?
Just got bored with only reading the news about crypto, as Ivan has said in his videos many time ‘crypto needs more people to get invovled and build’



I’m Glenn (real name) (I never use pseudonymous). Today I enrolled the course on Blockchain Programming. I am super excited !!! I have some knowledge on programming and I have been in the Crypto space for about 2 years, working with a group of colleagues with the dream to BUIDL !! I am a professor of Neurology and Neuroscience in Costa Rica. But, I am half Japanese. I worked for about 2 decades in Japan as a professor and science researcher. Now I moved to Costa Rica.

I have also studied Software Engineering at the University in CR. There I found something that changed my life completely about 2 years ago: Bitcoin !! I read the WhitePaper and a lot of other material and fell in love with it. That was long before 2017 crazy bull run !! Last year, a couple of colleagues and I decided to BUIDL something on top of the Blockchain. We have stayed together and we have gathered a lot of people who are with us !!

During last year, our group grew a lot, we have conducted hundreds of study sessions, created dozens of proposals, and published lots of articles (I write for a blog called Global Crypto News btw, which we dream to develop later into a news service). So far, we are 100% self-funded, so things take time !! However, our sessions and specially the news have been putting us in contact with many projects and their heads. We are grateful about this !!

One year ago we decided to study hard and to keep together and help other legitimate project that are trying to launch good stuff. During 2018 we have been studying Blockchain related topics and also Economics (specially Austrian Economics) and this year I have proposed an idea to my colleagues. It’s a totally decentralized concept that I call DecentralBank . If we get to launch our project, we will not call the project like this. This is is just a concept I use as the title of my theoretical framework (sorry: I am a University scholar, so I have this tendency, to build a theoretical framework, then a logical framework, in order to be able to test the system of premises and rules).

We are calling ourselves MERITO only…, I thought of this name (the word in Latin for “Merit” since we are thinking about an open fin system based on social cooperation: “deserving”)… We are just starting now. But, we are having a lot of support. For this reason, I had been looking for a good course where I could go through all kinds of Fundamentals in blockchain development. I have some knowledge. But, as a scholar, I like to go from A to Z in any science I try to master. I compared many options and liked Ivan’s the most !! BTW, I have followed Ivan for centuries !! I love this style and how Ivan has evolved !! Ivan, you have a loyal follower here in Costa Rica. My son in Japan loves you too !!

In my case, my intention right now is to build our project on top of Ethereum. So, probably I will try to concentrate more on Ethereum. But I am excited to learn about NEM too. Also, I want to learn a little more about Bitcoin programming. I know a little about Bitcoin’s code. But not in depth. I love Bitcoin. So, next course would be Bitcoin Programming… Right now, I’ll concentrate in this one while I work with my colleagues in the design and development of MERITO. I am truly excited and honored to be here. It is great to be with you, guys! Glenn