Introduce yourself


Hello! My name is Cristian and I have been learning to code from scratch for the past six months or so. So far I’ve learnt some html, css, javascript and react. Excited to learn more about blockchain!


Hi all, I’m Vincent and have been following Ivan on YouTube for a while now. I am working as a software developer (voice solutions in Logistic) in Berlin, Germany. I am very excited about Industry 3.0 and would like to have a deeper understanding of Blockchain to build my own projects on it.


Ivan, thank you so much for this course and all the other wonderful things you do. You seem like a genuinely great person, so I am very excited to be part of your community. Go Blockchain…Go Crypto!


Hi guys this is Isha from Dubai. I am a complete newbie to the crypto and coding world. Hope to learn a lot from this community. Thank you Ivan for starting this and making is so easy to learn.


Hello, I am Marc and I have worked as a developer for around 4 years, and now I am starting a new face of my career working in a startup in the sector of cryptocurrency. :slight_smile:


male, 37yo working in Re-insurance in Switzerland.
I am very please to learn about crypto and blockchain programming :slight_smile:


Hey! Mike here.

I believe that blockchain tech is gonna change the world.

We all have an incredible opportunity here, to master a skill that will be in high demand, in a field that will CHANGE THE WORLD. Oh yeah, and we will make a lot of money doing it! $$$.

My personal goal is to be employed as a well paid Blockchain developer by JUNE 2019. It won’t be easy. But I have a burning desire for it and believe I can achieve it.

Ivan, this course, and this awesome community will help us reach our goals!


Hi guys i’m Cayenne and I am currently working on Ivan’s Programming course. I have no idea about blockchain or cryptocurrencies so I’m gonna need a lot of help from you all… Including the master himself, Ivan. I really want to be a game engineer and code my own video games. I hope we all learn a lot as a community.

Cayenne Lowe


Hi guys,
I’m Pietro from Italy. I’m an environmental engineer and some months ago I got interested in blockchain and cryptocurrency. I hope to improve my knowledge in this field with this course making also some networking, that maybe can bring to some interesting collaborations and projects…let’s see.


Nice to meet you too Rob! :slight_smile:


Hi , Ivan here as well :smile: I live in Germany and i am Network Engineer but for the last year i have been working on few projects in Blockchain technology…


Good to have you here Michael, welcome to the club :slight_smile:


Hello everybody,

My name is Duje and I am a Structural Engineer. I have been interested in the blockchain technology for some time and I am very excited to get more familiar with the technology itself. I love learning new things and coding was something that I always wanted to try.

It is great to be here. :grinning:


Hey you all!

Great being in this group.

My name is Sofi and I’m from Sweden and have I started out in the blockchain area in the end of last year.
Don’t know why but it caught me! So I started to blog about the subject in Swedish - since there was so much information in english, wanted other to reach information more easier. Also thankfully joined Ivans first course, a totally great one. Thanks for a great course!
Also signed up for the programming course and also the third coming up. So I just started out with the programming course. Haven’t been programming much or close to nothing before. Yes some html and css - but as any language you have to practice it to be good at it. :slight_smile:
And also I started a podcast about this subject - also in swedish - want to reach the swedish audience with a pod-colleauge - doing our best to explain as simple as possible - easier said than done… But it sure is fun.

So why crypto, why blockchain and all things related to it ? Well. I feel quite certain it is our future in many ways.

Otherwise - I guess I’m an “oldie” in this area when looking at the statistics. But hope that’ll change.
I might not be a smart contract programmer, but I find it important to have the knowledge. With the goal to work in this area/industry in the future.

I try to find time to workout, go for MTB rides and to of course hang out with my family and especially my son. When I’m not working or studying.

Looking forward to get to know you :slight_smile:


I just want to say HI to all of you, I am trader since 2015


Hey all, my name is Lloyd and a big hello to everyone and also big thanks to Ivan and the team for setting this up. Have known about crypto for many years on a low level basis, buying and selling etc. Absolutely convinced with the merits of what blockchain tech can achieve and want to learn more and be a part of this revolution!


Hey Ivan (and community), I completed the Deep Fundamentals course which was very informative! I’m now about to dive into the Smart Contract Programming. Excited but also a bit daunting as I have only cursory knowledge of programming in general. However, I have been in the crypto space for years so I believe it is important to see what goes on ‘under the hood.’ Thanks for setting up this course and building this community. Very helpful!


Hello community and Ivan,

I am reviewing the Ivan on tech course as I have some time to do so now.

My crypto days started some time between winter 2012 and fall 2013. Yes, like many, especially in the early days, bitcoin creeped up on me. I was very skeptical and missed many good cheep opportunities. Since fall of 2013 I have only been working with verifiable, decentralized, cryptographically secure, technology. Recently, I made a definition of cryptocurrency that I have requested feedback on:

Cryptocurrency is a non-debt based, irreversible, digital asset, with an intrinsic value in the security of the payment system and decentralized governance structure that runs on a global transparent ledger on the internet.

What are your thoughts? Does this definition cover the subject?


hi everyone , my name is shubham. I joined the course today. I am pretty excited to travel along in this trending technology- blockchain


hello everyone …my name is shubham