Introduce yourself


Hi everyone! My name is Evgeny and I am a student and a news writer for Toshi Times. I have first learnt of crypto in May-June 2017, started investing around October. This september I am starting a Masters programme ‘Energy for Smart Cities’ in Leuven, Belgium. I feel enthusiastic about blockchain adoption. The technology is making a new shift in communications development and I don’t want to miss out on that. On top of that there are quite some applications in energy sector I want to be associated with. I am also excited for the course to give me a much needed technical perspective for a better understanding of existing projects.

Aside from crypto, I do sports a lot. I used to swim like a beast in school years and still enjoy very much all the aquatic activities. I hate jogging but enjoy playing and watching football in unhealthy doses. Hip hop, esports and graphic arts are also a big appeal.


Carlo here, co-founder of a blockchain investment protocols company based in Silicon Valley.
Here to learn about EOS and NEM programming.


Hi I’m BrencelJ I have been studding crypto for a while. I finally got my self to do the course. Can’t wait to understand it even more after I’m done. :slight_smile:



I am Embo from Indonesia. I registered on this course in June but just have time to start it today.
I hope it is not too late to learn blockchain


Hello, I’m Matthew. I’ve appreciated Ivan’s youtube channel and thought this would be a good opportunity to better understand the future before it arrives. It would be great to use these new tools to help create that future.


Hi, I’m a part-time cryptocurrency investor and trader from Sweden. I just started this course and I am looking forward to learn hands-on as much as possible. Nice to meet you guys!


Hi everyone finally starting the course :smile:


Hi Ivan,
My name is Leif and I am a full stack developer from Australia who became seriously interested in block chain last year. Now I hope to learn as much as I can and become a blockchain developer.


Im Towfik,studying M.Sc.communications and networks in TH koln (Germany)…following ivan on youtube for like years…n working on a paper review project on blockchain …bought the course like weeks ago n willing to work on smart contract development in master thesis


Hi all! My name is Donald. I started reading into the subject of blockchain late 2016 and started buying coins in early 2017. My current profession is a business consultant and I specialize in Process & (operational) Risk Mangement. Got interested in blockchain because I come across many potential use cases for blockchain in my daily work. I foresee a future in where much of the businesses and organization I currently advise may be reduced tremendously in size or become obsolete by innovations as Blockchain. This is one of the main reasons for me personally to invest a lot of time learning all there is know about Blockchain.



My name is Jason. I have been interested in blockchain for about a year now. I have been in the transportation/logistics industry for 22 years. I was injured a while ago, and decided to enroll in the course during the pre-sale to keep my mind working during my downtime. I am now post surgery and am starting the course. I look forward to learning from all of you and expanding my knowledge of blockchain and coding.


Hello Crypto Pub Community!

My name is Marlon, I’m from Mexico and I work in a mining company.
I’m so interested in this world of blockchai and crypto, I hope to learn as much as I can to help someone else, Thank you! :slight_smile:


Hej Everyone, I am so happy to be here in such positive environment and energy to grow and be better by share the knowledge and experiences for everyone to grow, I am graduated as IT engineer but i had a difficult time so could not continue and now after how many years i feel i am back to IT with blockchain and cryptocurrency, i do live in Stockholm, Sweden and working inom administration ))


Hey everyone!:grinning:
My name is Rob Flores and I came here to learn about programming and smart contracts. I am living in Houston TX and I work in Oil Plant near the area.


Hey Barodi! :slight_smile:
Nice to meet you. I hope we can all grow together in this community.


Nice to meet you. :slight_smile:


Hi guys, pleasure to be here. My name is Michael, I’m currently working for VeChain as an Invesment Associate. I’m in charge of the VeChain foundation’s investments, as well as develop partnerships to enrich our eco-system. My past experience is in traditional finance, worked in investment banking and private equity in China. Please reach out to me if you are a project looking for funding or public chains to build on, or a blockchain company looking to develop partnerships with VeChain. I’m based in Shanghai, if you are here and want to hangout to talk about blockchain, I’ll be very happy to meet you in person. Lastly, thank you Ivan and your team for providing us with the educational material and collaboration platform, you are truly the pioneer in this industry.


Hi, I am 28 years old and I have a little programming experience with qbasic from some high school classes. I became interested in blockchain with the darknet (see username). My favorite coin is Aeternity and I want to program smart contracts and oracles on it, although I do not have a specific purpose in mind at this point.

I live in Massachusetts and I enjoy some windsurfing and snowboarding here occasionally. I am also a part time fruit and marijuana grower.

I have a small youtube channel where I make a video now and then about certain features of Aeternity such as oracles and state channels.

Nice to meet you all!


Hello, everyone )
My name is Ruslan , I’m from Kiev, Ukraine) I run digital agency “The Moon agency” . I got 8 year experience in marketing, but last 2 years I found a new hobby, that is coding , and I’really loved it) unfortunately I do not use coding in my casual life, cuz as a ceo all my working time is dedicated to sales, clients, control and other terrible things)) But almost every evening after working day I try to find few hours to keep my learning. Last year I was involved in crypto space and that become a new hobby for me, parallel with my coding)) While surfing youtube and other platforms where I could find some info in terms of blockchain and entire crypto space I’ve discovered Ivan On Tech channel, which I think is one of the best channels on youtube in terms of blockchain topic. For this moment I’ve understood finally that I don’t like front-end programming for many reasons. and I’ve decided that now I can connect my hobbies by choosing Smart Contract programming course . I’m really interested to get blockchain programming skills , cuz I believe in technology , I believe in importance of coding skills nowadays and in nearest future. So hello to everyone , once again))


Hello Ivan. Myself Subhodeep from Singapore.Thanks a lot for giving such a good platform. I am not sure but we interacted when you come to Singapore last year on Twitter as my memory goes :slight_smile: . I have been investing in Cryptos and studying about block chain from past 1 year now but due to heavy work load in my office, i never got into it completely. I was always searching for some good platform to learn block chain, after searching for more than 6 months, i chose your channel/website today. I am not a great programmer but yes i believe we should have a great network as you also say in almost every video of yours. Hope i will learn a lot about block chain programming . Many thanks Ivan!! Hope to meet you soon next time you are in Singapore.