Introduce yourself


My name is Edwin and I work in a retail business in the United States that sells fresh fruits and vegetables. I am very enthusiastic about the future of software and hardware development. I like the way Ivan teaches, and my hope is that I can learn enough about programming so that I can make a meaningful contribution in some way.


Hey, my name is Markus, 29 and I’m from Austria, Vienna. I got into Blockchain in Summer 2016 and from there, I am following the whole blockchain topic more or less. I am working in the strategy department of an energy utility.
I would say that I am a beginner when it comes to programming. I learned some html basics at school. I think programming know-how will be very important for the future, therefore I signed up for the programming course in order to learn programming from scratch and get deeper into the whole blockchain topic. I dont think that I’m gonna become a professional programmer, but I want to understand at least the basics so I can discuss with my IT pros.
Hope to learn a lot here =)


Hi my name is Xan and I’m from Johannesburg in South Africa. I first stumbled on to the idea of bitcoin about 4 years ago when I was selling my AMD graphics card. I put it for sale and someone called me in like 5 mins. At the time I didnt ask enough questions to get involved in the space.

Im trying hard not to make that mistake again and so over the last 2 years I have been digging into the technology and try to run courses here locally to educate some of the people in my country about the dangers of fiat money especially the money from an emerging market country like South Africa, which can very quickly devalue.

I’m taking the smart contract programming course to continue my learning and development. Hope to learn and contribute where I can. Thanks


Wassup! Carl here from, checking out this great course to get a deeper understanding of what all my coding peers do from day to day :slight_smile:


Hi guys! New student here. When the crypto market is dead, what better thing to do, than learn something about the actual workings of cryptos, instad of looking at Blockfolio all day :slight_smile:

I live in Steinkjer, Norway.


How many hours do newbies usually spend on completing the Blockchain (smart contracts) programming course?


Hi Everyone,

My name is Sadiki. I’ve tried to learn programming on my own in the past and have failed miserably, lol. Hopefully this time will be different. I’m a Network Engineer by trade, mainly Cisco side of things with a little Juniper experience. The reason I’m here is because I think the world will head towards blockchain tech and want to have a leg up. I also am very interested in a few projects that i’m also invested in and would want to be able to contribute in some manner. Nice to meet you all and thank you to Ivan and team for the course!!


Hi, My name is Evgenii! Nice to meet you guys! I am new here


Hello, My name is Bhanu. I’m interested in gaining deep understanding of Blockchain tech.


Hi, my name is Akene. I am about to attend university on a full athletic scholarship and i am eager to learn about coding and programming. I have some experience in this field but i would like to become an expert since i have seen all the openings specifically for blockchain and smart contracts.


Hi my name is Mehdi and I have been learning about the block chain for the past year even though im 13


hi guys im Rita - totally new to programming and blockchain. nearly finished the blockchain course and now starting programming. excited but nervous as i dont know any programming but i am an entrepreneur and want to take my power back and be able to code!


Hi everyone, I’m Myles. I currently work with electronics and have dabbled with coding in the past. After looking into crypto for the last year and watching Ivan I was excited when his course came out and couldn’t resist the opportunity to improve my skills and help create a more free and decentralized society.


Hello everyone!

Im Matt, iv’e been looking into crypto and investing in this space for just over a year and a half now! I love how blockchain will change our world for the better going into the future and I want to be a part of this!

I have a youtube channel (and other decentralised content platforms) @CryptoCurrencA where I create content around the crypto space. The reason why is because not only does it help others understand a project or some news but it also forces me to understand it and maybe someone watching could also make me have a better understanding!

Im currently living in France helping my family renovate some houses and enjoying life!


Hi I’m Kenny from Belgium and started to get interested in blockchain in 2017
and begun investing in december.
I signed up for the programming course and hope to do something interesting with it in the future.
I already have some experience programming so I hope it will not be too hard.
Thank you Ivan for sharing your knowledge with us.


Hello Crypto People. Hope you are all doing well!

My name is Simon and I’m working in the IT department at one of the major law firms as Project Manager/BA/QA. I became a “Crypto Junkie” almost 2 years ago. Always wanted to know more about the technical side of Crypto/Blockchain and that is one of the reasons I joined “Ivan on Tech” community. Also as all of us, I’m always in search of better opportunities and want to get the better knowledge to improve my career path.
Outside of work, I’m spending a lot of time at the beach enjoying the Californian sun and A LOT of surfing :slight_smile: :surfing_man:

Enjoy your day!

Ivan is the man! :slight_smile:


Gooooooood evening everyone! This is Jay from Sydney. I decided to take Ivan’s advice not to be a lurker and introduce myself here :rofl:

I’m a complete newbie in programming. Trained as architect :classical_building:, work in business operations :bar_chart:, gonna give coding a crack thanks to new found interest in crypto . Have been learning crypto TA and fundamental in the last 12 months. It’s time to dig deep into blockchain tech and ride the next tech job boom ! :rocket:

Can’t wait to geek out with all of you here!


Hey Ivan and my fellow crypto bro’s!

I am honored to be here and am taking my first programming baby steps since I did Basic on an Apple II about 40 years ago to randomly make stats for my Dungeons and Dragons characters 8)

Hopefully my older brain can absorb the incoming avalanche of information. I am a Canadian, living in Mexico with my wife and young boys. I see the blockchain revolutionizing the world and making it a better place for my children and my fellow man and am excited to be a part of this amazing innovation.

I am taking this course purely to learn, challenge myself to see if I can create an app / smart contract that would act as an escrow for crypto bets between friends and automatically payout to the winner. I know it will be a challenge, but hopefully you guys can help guide me and once I learn more, I can also help others…




I have been involved in IT 7+ years, on the functional aspect, acting as PO or PMO.

I want to learn coding to understand better how it works in the background and improve, and I’m starting from 0.

I heard about blockchains and cryptos in 2013 but only started to put in the time to know more a few months ago.


Hi fellow cryptonaughts,

I’m new to programming but have had exposure to it in some previous jobs (where I managed IT projects, Developers and BA’s for a large bank). I’ve been interested in crypto since I discovered BTC in around late 2010.

I’ve had some killer dApp ideas floating around for a few years now and since seeing eos emerge over the past year I think it’s about time I learned how to design and build an MVP for a few of my dApps before it’s too late!

I’m eager to see how much I can learn here and hopefully to find a few like minded people I can work with.